Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal

The long-running tournament-based vehicular manslaughter simulator returns with this new entry, exclusive to the Playstation 3.


Before E3, the next game in the Twisted Metal franchise was unofficially confirmed when a secret message from Twisted Metal: Head On was deciphered. The message said "Twisted Metal is coming on PS3". David Jaffe refused to say anything regarding an upcoming Twisted Metal game following the revelation.

Twisted Metal was shown at E3 2010 with an on stage multiplayer demo. One of the game modes (called Nuke) that was shown had players battling their way up towers where they try to capture the leader of the opposing faction, who sits at the top manning a machine gun. The leader is then attached to the vehicle that captures them, and the person must drive them to their team's missile launching vehicle. The leader is "sacrificed" to the missile launcher, and when it fires the player controls the missile and must try to destroy the opposing team's statue with it.

Twisted Metal will feature 16-player online, 4 player splitscreen and a code to download Twisted Metal" Black from PSN.

Single Player

It was unveiled at Comic-Con 2010 that Twisted Metal's single player will feature only three playable characters. Those characters are Sweet Tooth, Dollface, and Mr. Grimm, while the tournament will once again be run by Calypso. Each character will be able to drive in any vehicle, instead of being attached to only one vehicle. Each character has a section in the story mode and each character has one ending. Each intro, middle and ending video is a live-action video featuring live-action version of the one of the three playable Twisted Metal characters. It is also said the the Preacher from Twisted Metal: Black will appear in all three character's stories.

Game Modes

The game features a number of game modes which can be accessed (for the most part) both online and offline with varying numbers of players. Excluding Deathmatch and Nuke all of the game modes support 2-16 players Online, 2 Player Online Splitscreen and 4 Player Offline Splitscreen.

Deathmatch - Typical free-for-all with customizable round duration and amount. This mode supports 2 player Offline split screen in addition to the other playing options.

Last Man Standing - Players begin with a finite number of lives and play until only one remains

Hunted - A Marked man must be pursued and destroyed by the other players

Team Deathmatch - Two teams battling to reach a set amount of points or the most kills (dependent on host's preference) after a set amount of time.

Team Last Man Standing - Two to four teams and each has a finite number of lives spread between the players. Last team surviving is the winner.

Team Hunted - Each team has a marked man and all other players and the hunters. Players must protect their own marked man while seeking out and destroying the opposition.

Nuke - Twisted Metal's take on CTF. You must capture the other team's faction leader, and drag them back to your base. From here, sacrifice the leader into the missile launcher and launch a missile (which can bedestroyed by the enemy) into the opposition statue. First team to destroy the opposition statue are the winners.

Note: Nuke features 8-12 Players with 2 Online Splitscreen but is not available Offline.