Barkanoid 3

Barkanoid 3


Barkanoid 3

In Barkanoid 3 your task is to keep a ball (or more) in game as long as possible. 
To do that you need to use a bat and the balls mustn't leave the playfield at the lower end. 
The main goal is to destroy all bricks on the level using the ball to complete the level. 
There are also a lot of tools and aids available that easy your task a lot.

The third part of Barkanoid is the most uncommon of them. 
There are a lot of extras and special function united. There are so many that they did not all make their way into the manual.  
Despite this, Barkanoid 3 has less levels than Barkanoid 2 or Barkanoid 3 Gold. 
Also there is only a crippled level editor included so you are not really able to create your own levels.  
Hits: Although the editor is crippled, the editor of Barkanoid 2 is compatible to Barkanoid 3...
Barkanoid 3 was available for a very short time only. Its successor Barkanoid 3 Gold was released only a very short time after Barkanoid 3. 
In that game you can refind the missing fully functional level editor, 300 levels and 100 user level! 
Sadly, almost all the funny easter eggs that made Barkanoid 3 are gone from Barkanoid 3 Gold.

Available bats:
-    Normal bat
-    Glue bat
-    Flying bat
-    Weapon bat
-    Disabled bat
-    Automatic bat
-    Shield bat
-    Plasma bat
-    Sponge bat
The balls:
-    Normal ball in 3 different sizes
-    Fireball in 3 sizes
-    Gasified ball in 3 sizes

Die Bonuses:
-    Increase size of bat (5 sizes)
-    Descrease size of bat (5 sizes)
-    Ball doubler
-    Automatic bat
-    Flying bat
-    Double score
-    Multiply score
-    Glue
-    Fire ball
-    Gasified ball
-    Ice ball (Easter egg)
-    Weapon bat (5 levels)
-    Extra life
-    Disability (3 levels)
-    Smart bomb
-    Drunk
-    Totally drunk (Easter egg)
-    Speedy ball
-    Slow ball
-    Surprise
-    Level up
-    Level down
-    Immediate death
-    Items invisible
-    Bat invisible
-    Monster invisible (Easter egg)
-    Bonuses invisible (Easter egg)
-    Flip screen (Easter egg)
-    Bigger balls (3 sizes, plus 2 Easter egg)
-    Smaller balls (3 sizes, plus 2 Easter egg)
-    Magnetic bat
-    Weather shield
-    Enemy shield
-    Shield against neg. bonuses (Easter egg)
-    Ghost bat
-    Weather: Rain (10 levels intensity)
-    Remove weather: Rain
-    Weather: Fog (5 levels intensity)
-    Remove weather: Fog
-    Weather: Snow (5 levels intensity)
-    REmove weather: Snow
-    Penality bricks
-    Remove penality bricks

10 extra bonuses with unknown features that alter the behavior of the ball and its flight path.

-     150 level
-     More than 50 different kinds of extras and bonuses
-     Nine different kinds of bats and balls
-     Weather effects like snow, rain and fog
-     Different kinds of brick sets and backdrops, freely selectable
-     Adjustable bat ball behavior
-     Many difficulty levels that really change the game and its niveau
-     Comprehensive multiplayer options
-     Savable password for each level 

Easter eggs:
There are lots of hidden Easter eggs in Barkanoid 3. 
You can activate some of them by pressing certain key combinations that grand special extra bonuses in return that would not be seen during normal game play. 
For instance, it is possible to set all visuals to Atari 8Bit Atari Look. 
You can also switch all creatures to Pac Man creatures. 
Another example would be a special gun that enables you to shoot at anything that moves, bricks and creatures.