Tetris Party Deluxe

Tetris Party Deluxe

Tetris Party makes its way to the Nintendo DS and Wii. Deluxe features six new game modes and four new enhanced modes of play.


Tetris Party Deluxe is a puzzle game developed by Tetris Online and published by Majesco Entertainment for the Wii and Nintendo DS platforms.


Tetris Party Deluxe not only has all of the features of the original Tetris Party game, but adds new modes into the mix. The new modes added to Tetris Party Deluxe are:

  • Bombliss - Lines in Bombliss mode are cleared using bombs.
  • Sprint - The goal in Sprint mode is to clear a total of 40 lines as quickly as possible.
  • Vs. Sprint - Vs. Sprint is a multiplayer version of Sprint mode where two players compete for the fastest time.
  • Master - Master mode is essentially regular Tetris with the difficulty set very high.
  • Co-op Vs. Co-op - In Co-op Vs. Co-op mode two teams of two players compete in a play area that is extra wide.
  • Clear Sprint - The goal of Clear Sprint mode is to get to 20 perfect clears as quickly as possible.

Nintendo DS Exclusive Features

While the game remains mostly the same between the two platforms there are four features that are exclusive to the Nintendo DS version.

The first exclusive feature is the ability to use the touch screen of the DS to use special magic items during Vs. play.

The second DS exclusive feature is the ability to use the built in microphone to voice chat with other players while in an online lobby.

Another feature of the Nintendo DS version of the game is the ability to host the game and play with up to eight players with that single game card.

The final Nintendo DS exclusive feature is the ability to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to play with up to four players online.