Speed your way through insane levels in this nitrous fueled, star collecting, driving action game!


Gripshift, although lacking a story, throws you into a wacky world filled with doodads, weapons, racing and plenty of frustration.  Pressing start and hitting 'Restart Level' will become an instinct.  The game has a slew of unlockables and levels to experience but with only a few cars and characters to accompany them. The goal, if there really is one, is to collect all of the credits in the game to achieve the 100% completion mark (SEE: Credits / Unlockables section).  Use the doodads (rocks, trees, etc) to your advantage to make better angled jumps with a mix of boost to cut your times and complete your objectives!  Visit the 'PLATFORM SPECIFIC CONTENT' section of this page to view content that each version of Gripshift has for you to experience. 

Track Themes

All of the tracks and theirs surroundings (doodads) in the game are based off of four themes.  The theme names are self explanatory.

- Jungle
- Desert
- Ice
- Horror


Brief description of the credits system in Gripshift:
         In total, there are 2000 credits in Gripshift.  There are milestones for achieved credits that upon reaching said milestone, unlockables will become available (SEE: below).  Credits can be earned by doing various objectives.  During race missions, one can earn credits by collecting bronze, silver or gold amounts stars (but still winning) or by getting a bronze, silver or gold time on the track.  During challenge tracks, credits can be earned by grabbing the Gripshift icon (and completing the level after getting the icon), collecting the bronze, silver or gold amount of stars (and finishing the track) or by getting a bronze, silver or gold time on the track.


Unlockables range from new characters, cars, car decals, wheels for your cars and music.  Each unlockable is obtained by reaching a certain credit milestone.  (To find out what cars, car decals, wheels, characters and music are available in the game, continue reading below in their respected sections.)

Characters / Drivers

Character/Driver models do not effect the performance of the cars.

- Sasse
- Bud
- Dante
- Stacey
- Tommy Battle
- Fly

Car Skins

The cars color is able to be changed between 25 colors across the rainbow while a decal is equipped or not.  If a decal is on, part of its color will change as well.  BUT, with some decals equipped, the user will be unable to change the body color due to the button being greyed out.  Car skins do not effect the performance of the cars.
- Basic (Plain paint job with no skin.)
- Union Jack (British Flag)
- Syn (Hood flames)
- Racer (White race stripe)
- Flames (Flames covering car)
- Tribal (Tribal pattern)
- Bling (Dollar signs litter the car)
- Sidhe (Race stripes and the sidhe logo/mascot on the car._
- N2 Fern (Stylish design, similar to leafs on the rear end.)
- Camouflage
- Neon (Vibrant line pattern, TRON-esque.)
- Hazard (Dukes of...)
- Moo (Cow spots)
- Spider (spiderweb design)
- Taxi (Chekered design)
- Italian
- Spanish
- German
- French
- Japan


Wheels do not in any way effect the performance of the cars.

- 2Endos
- Astrals
- Hammers
- Arachnids
- Args
- Fangs
- Hydras
- Spinners
- Hovers (Tires flipped horizontally with a blue aura glowing below them.  Gives you the sense that your car is floating.)

Hood Decals

Hood Decals do not effect the performance of the cars.

- No decal
- Sharky
- Star
- Cat
- Insane (Pumpkin)
- Bombs
- Paw
- Hoof
- Bulls Eye
- Sid (Sidhe logo/mascot)
- Yin Yang
- Tagger (Spray Paint Can)
- Peace
- Loop
- Wrenches (Skull and Crossed Wrenches)
- Penguin
- Sad
- Cow
- Duke ( the number 01)
- Zoom (the word: Zoom!)
- Rocket
- Gripshift (GS token)


Traxion - The beginner car in Gripshift.  The Traxion has average speed and good handling.  (Perfect for levels where tight maneuvering is a necessity.)
                   TOP SPEED  =  3/5 Stars
                   ACCELERATION = 3/5 Stars
                  HANDLING = 5/5 Stars

Choppa - What it lacks in overall speed, it makes up for in acceleration. (Okay for challenge maps but don't expect to set many records or win every race.)
                  TOP SPEED = 2/5 Stars
                  ACCELERATION = 4/5 Stars
                  HANDLING = 4/5 Stars

Gravla - Well-Rounded car with a better sense of speed than the traxion.  (Good for all around use in every mode.)
                 TOP SPEED = 4/5 Stars
                 ACCELERATION = 3/5 Stars
                 HANDLING = 3/5 Stars

Strike -  Slightly re-focused Gravla, but still a well-rounded beast.  (Also good for every mode, but slightly preferable over the Gravla for cluttered tracks with hard turns.)
                 TOP SPEED = 3/5 Stars
                 ACCELERATION = 4/5 Stars
                 HANDLING = 4/5 Stars

Colt -  American muscle at its finest, flexing its speed prowess on the track.  (Great for gaining a lot of speed for jumps!  Although being slightly better at turning then the Bruiser, it is also slightly slower.)
                 TOP SPEED = 4/5 Stars
                 ACCELERATION = 5/5 Stars
                 HANDLING = 2/5 Stars

Bruiser -  The fastest herse in town.  But make sure you don't get in its way, it might not be able to miss you.  (Great for non-twisty race tracks and challenge tracks.)
                  TOP SPEED = 5/5 Stars
                  ACCELERATION = 5/5 Stars
                  HANDLING =  1/5 Stars

Track Pick-ups

Nitrous - Blue canisters with an "N" found on most levels in which when driven into (collected), one's boost meter will fill and at any capacity, one can press the boost button to drain your boost meter but give the car a nice boost useful for catching up during race tracks, making jumps and making turns (with short bursts).

...On almost all tracks, the basic objectives (stars and GS token [Only Challenge tracks for GS token] ) and nitrous can be found.  But on some levels, green rimmed clocks can also be picked up.

Clocks -  These green-rimmed clocks help the user by putting a few seconds back onto the game clock before time runs out and you fail the challenge track.

...During Race tracks, players can be equipped with a few gadgets to aid them in beating their oponent to the finish line.

The Question Mark - The question mark pickup randomizes the aid that the player recieves between weapons and defensive items.  The choices are slim however, only 3 gadgets.

         1.  TNT -  The player can drop TNT behind his car for trailing oponents to run into and be stunned, however, these TNT crates only stay on the track for a limited amount of time.
         2.  Rocket -  The player can shoot a homing rocket at his oponent to stun them, but these rockets aren't always 100% hits.
         3.  Shield - The shield is obviously not a weapon but protects the driver.  When hit by a rocket or after running over a TNT crate while having a shield equipped, the player's shield will just disappear, not effecting the player's driving.  The shield, like the TNT crate, does disappear after a certain amount of time in use
By stunned, I am referring to the oponents car stalling and being reset on the track nearby where he/she was struck with a weapon.  Player's can only have 1 weapon lined up to be used.  If the player rides over another question mark, no new items will be added for later use, nor will the previously held item be changed.  So a smart strategy could be for the leader of the pack to keep rocket in stock in case he loses the lead at any point.


Online multiplayer is provided in every version of Gripshift, with the ps3 version limited to just race track versus while the xbox 360 can do races and deathmatch arena battles and the psp version can do race versus and share user created levels.

There is however, no split screen offline or online multiplayer on either console version of the game, nor is there any Online race versus standings.

Challenge Mode Levels List

In Challenge Mode, when you start the track, no matter what objective you are aiming for, a countdown timer appears and if you don't get to the finish line in time, you will be forced to retry.  Also, Rankings/Leaderboards for each of your quickest level times are supplied and can also be checked on your computer at

Beginner Levels                 Samples (Youtube Videos)

     1.  Accelerate                               
     2.  Round the Bend
     3.  Stars
     4.  Nitrous
     5.  Go Off Road
     6.  Race Challenge 1
     7.  Checkpoint
     8.  Loop the Loop
     9.  Back and Forth
   10.  Drawbridge
   11.  Fork in the Road
   12.  Race Challenge 2
   13.  Down
   14.  Speed Ups
   15.  Fans and Ramps                  (Sample)
   16.  Rock It
   17.  Power Jumps
   18.  Race Challenge 3

Easy Levels

   19.  Easy One
   20.  Any Door Will Do
   21.  Tight on Time
   22.  Move Along
   23.  Draw A Blank
   24.  Race Challenge 4
   25.  Loop Mania
   26.  Puck
   27.  Moving Platforms
   28.  Dropoff
   29.  Narrow Band
   30.  Race Challenge 5
   31.  Jump Pad
   32.  Loop Too
   33.  Stepping Stones
   34.  Bank On It
   35.  Right Or Left
   36.  Race Challenge 6
   37.  Petra
   38.  Gold Rush
   39.  Bouncy Bouncy
   40.  Push Me Crush You
   41.  Bomb
   42.  Race Challenge 7

Intermediate Levels

   43.  Handbrake Turn
   44.  Off Road
   45.  Camberquick Green
   46.  George
   47.  Elephant of Surprise
   48.  Race Challenge 8
   49.  Rampland
   50.  Rampalot
   51.  Hurry Up
   52.  Stairway
   53.  Rite of passage
   54.  Race Challenge 9
   55.  Junglicious
   56.  Speed Pup
   57.  Snail Trail
   58.  Ramp Up
   59.  Speed Ports
   60.  Race Challenge 10
   61.  Desert Run
   62.  Rocks of Ages
   63.  Guest Stay
   64.  Mags
   65.  Hang Ten
   66.  Race Challenge 11
   67.  Bobapalooza
   68.  Dinofall
   69.  Thin
   70.  Which Way Now
   71.  Teleports
   72.  Race Challenge 12

Hard Levels

   73.  Magnetize
   74.  Minefield
   75.  bomb Run
   76.  Dodge 'em
   77.  Handbrake
   78.  Race Challenge 13
   79.  Commercial Brake
   80.  Rock Hard
   81.  Power Tour
   82.  Moving Maze
   83.  Warp Party
   84.  Race Challenge 14
   85.  Spaghetti Arrabbiata
   86.  Downhill Fast
   87.  Speedy McSpeed
   88.  Dreadloops
   89.  Jump Skillz
   90.  Race Challenge 15
   91.  Beary Quick
   92.  Plummet
   93.  Elemental
   94.  Beans
   95.  Grasshopper
   96.  Race Challenge 16
   97.  Right To Drive
   98.  Gone Loopy
   99.  Rampant
 100.  Sliders Revenge
 101.  Slidey Slalom
 102.  Race Challenge 17
 103.  Falling In Love
 104.  Compact
 105.  Quad Spin Crazy
 106.  Day At the Links
 107.  Shove Off
 108.  Race Challenge 18

Insane Levels

 109.  Straight & Narrow
 110.  Perfect Move
 111.  Defanestration
 112.  Dust Hill
 113.  Shove & Smash
 114.  Race Challenge 19
 115.  Magnet Madness
 116.  Incredijump
 117.  Twisty
 118.  Starry Starry Night
 119.  Jimsanity
 120.  Race Challenge 20
 121.  Trapped
 122.  Death By Warp
 123.  Drawback
 124.  #1 Fan
 125.  Jump Maze
 126.  Race Challenge 21
 127.  Brain Wrong
 128.  In Pieces
 129.  Snake run
 130.  Traptastic
 131.  Temples of Doom
 132.  Race Challenge 22
 133.  Fanbase
 134.  Monster Speed
 135.  Intertwined
 136.  Traveleater
 137.  Krushko
 138.  Race Challenge 23
 139.  Fanatic
 140.  Mind the Gap
 141.  Rings
 142.  Slippery Slope
 143.  Decent Descent
 144.  Race Challenge 24
 145.  Magnetrode
 146.  Haunted
 147.  Bridge Out
 148.  Precision
 149.  Magnaloop
 150.  Race Challenge 25

Race Mode Levels

There are four sub-modes under Race Mode; these include 'Single Race', 'Time Trial', 'Practise' and Championship.  Under each sub-mode, the same race maps are played but under different circumstances.  Championship includes 1 extra difficulty, Ultimate, which pits the player up against all 25 race tracks with 7 laps on each track.  All Race Mode tracks are the same as the 25 Race Challenge tracks during Challenge mode, but given names.

Beginner Tracks

- Round and Round
- The Loop
- Easy Oval

Easy Tracks

- Ski Jump
- In Finite
- Crossroads
- Sweeping

Intermediate Tracks

-Downhill Sass
- Fridge Racer
- Lupi
- Stack Race
- Run Forest Run

Hard Tracks

- Speedster
- Mt Jim
- Long Run
- Racing Beans
- Rocket Science
- Pew Pew Laser

Insane Tracks

- Hard & Fast
- Jump Track
- Figure of Hate
- Tight Turns
- Evil Oval
- Highway 112
- Final Circuit

Music Soundtrack

All music in the game (when unlocked) can be played at any time by pressing the 'Start Button', selecting 'Options' and then selecting 'Change Music'.  You start off with a few songs, but you must unlock more by earning credits during the game.  The music is not organized by artist in the game.  I merely chose to list them this way for ease.


North Shore Pony Club  -  Vice
                  The Upbeats  -  Late Nite Fright
                             B-Line  -  Getchagroove
                             B-Line  -  Freeway
               Greg Churchill  -  Shock Rocket 2006
               Greg Churchill  -  Loony Bin 2005
            Salmonella Dub  -  Gospel According To Mant
                       Filterbrats  -  Street Lights
                       Filterbrats  -  Pikelits
                       Filterbrats  -  Tinkera
                       Filterbrats  -  Ice Cream
                       Filterbrats  -  Frights
                       Filterbrats  -  Whakatane  
                        Undertow  -  Nose Bleed
                     Flash harry  -  Chain Saw
                               Minuit  -  This Music Is Good For The Species
                               Minuit  -  A Room Full of Cute
                               Minuit  -  Fuji
                      Perception  -  I Want It
                      Perception  -  Thumpa
                      Perception  -  Caviar
                      Perception  -  Miracle
             Rhian Sheehan  -  Bounderies (Module Remix)
             Rhian Sheehan  -  Cosmology  (Agent Alvin Remix)
                                Oose  -  K-Phun       
                                Oose  -  Pulsar
                             Module  -  Star and Sky
                             Module  -  Nitro Is Good
                             Module  -  Night Riding
                             Module  -  Pedal 2 the Metal
           Misfits of Science  -  Shift (Module Remix)
           Misfits of Science  -  Fools Love (Ragga Remix)
           Misfits of Science  -  3 Days of the Blender
           Misfits of Science  -  Attack of the 'Riders
           Misfits of Science  -  Mmmhmm
           Misfits of Science  -  Catch Up
           Misfits of Science  -  Fools Love
           Misfits of Science  -  Shift  (Gripshift Theme Song)

Platform Exclusive Content

CONTENT                                                                PSP                   XBOX 360                    PS3

Track Editor                                                                                      YES                                   NO                                    NO          

Turbo Expansion Pack                                                                   NO                                    YES                                   NO

Some Content In Expansion Pack Others                               YES                                   NO                                    NO

Deathmatch Arenas                                                                         NO                                   YES                                   NO

Online Multiplayer                                                                            YES                                  YES                                  YES

Rankings/Leaderboards                                                                NO                                    YES                                  YES

For Details on any of the content listed above, please visit