Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

Nathan "Rad" Spencer returns with the ability to jump and a snazzy moustache, in order to face an evil general bent on launching a missile strike.


Bionic Commando Rearmed 2's story focuses around a conflict between Nathan "Rad" Spencer and General Sabio. General Sabio plans to launch a deadly missile strike with Rad leading a team of Bionics to stop his threat. Rearmed 2's story takes place before the 2009 release Bionic Commando.


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Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 closely follows the structure set by its predecessor. Players are required to navigate levels, usually vertical in nature, by grabbing, climbing, and swinging on the environment using their bionic arm. Different types of enemy soldiers and robots are also a threat scattered throughout each level. Enemies can be dispatched with a variety of weapons or bionic arm abilities, both old and new. There are also boss levels, containing large, pattern-based foes to eliminate using special techniques.

New to Rearmed 2 is the ability to jump, which is fairly weak in height but allows Spencer to grab slightly out-of-reach platforms, cross small gaps, or vault over short obstacles. This can be used to activate a new Death From Above attack, inherited from the 2009 Bionic Commando release, where Spencer slams the ground below, damaging enemies and breaking away certain objects in the impact radius. Jumping is not required to complete the game and an unlocked difficulty even disables it entirely. Reamed 2 also features a new swinging mechanic. Rather than requiring momentum to begin swinging or holding in the direction they would like to dismount a swing, swinging is entirely controlled by the player. Detaching the claw is now triggered by an additional button press. Swinging motion and extend length of the arm is now determined by the player's movements, even while hanging. Another new ability, called Bionic Vision, can be used to scan the surrounding area for hints or information. Occasionally the action is broken up by giving control of mounted sniper rifles or helicopter guns in on-rails shooting sections.

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New weapons and bionic arm abilities have been added that can be changed on the fly. Weapons come in a variety of types, ranging from small arms to bazookas. The player can also equip one of several Passive and Active bionic arm upgrades. Active upgrades deplete a portion of a power bar when used that recharges over time. Secret areas are abundant in each level and hide upgrades or collectibles. Often times, these secret areas require an ability the player gains later in the game to access, encouraging previous level replays. Upgrades give the player new weapons/abilities or improve the performance of those already obtained. Each level also has a hidden extra life power-up, which increases the number of deaths the player can expend upon entering a new level, and also a hidden Yashichi, which awards an achievement/trophy when all are collected.

Challenge Rooms

Challenge Room make a return but are toned down in difficulty compared to Rearmed 1. Instead of encouraging abusing the game mechanics, challenges are now purely based on grappling, swinging, and jumping skill. Each challenge grades the player based on their time and has leaderboard support, just as the campaign levels do.


Cooperative play also returns, although it is local-only. Two players can work together to get through the single player levels, each with their own stock of lives, health, and power bar. Each player can equip individual weapons and upgrades separately. Players are tethered to one screen and if one player falls behind, a 5-second countdown will begin before killing them. If death occurs, a short respawn timer appears before allowing the player to spawn nearby their ally. If both players are dead at the same time, they will be reset to a checkpoint.


Rearmed 2 features an inventory screen that can be accessed at any time during gameplay. Here the player can choose their weapon, passive ability, and active ability, as well as see the description and number of upgrades for each.


NameNumber of UpgradesDescription
Revolver4The Revolver is the default weapon of the game featuring unlimited ammo and a high rate of fire. Upgrades increase the damage, number of shots that can be fired before reloading, rate of fire, and adds a silencer to reduce enemy awareness to shots.
Hagle Breaker4The Hagle Breaker is a shotgun that deals high damage to enemies at close range. Upgrades increase damage, number of shots that can be fired before reloading, ammo capacity, and reduces weapon spread.
Goliath Launcher4The Goliath fires a projectile out horizontally a short distance in front of the player that returns to the launcher if contact is not made with anything, replenishing the ammo cost. Best used in conjunction with jumping to launch projectiles over cover to attack enemies from behind or hit switches on the other side of narrow pathways. Upgrades increase damage, ammo capacity, and projectile travel distance.
Yoro Viper4The Yoro Viper fires a slow-moving ball of electricity that travels along the surface of floors, ceilings, and walls. It is often used to power generators hiding in areas the player cannot reach. Upgrades increase damage, ammo capacity, and duration of the bolt.
WASP Bazooka4The WASP fires a cluster of missiles at the target designated by the player. Holding down the fire button will activate the laser targeting system and releasing it will send the missiles to the location if a lock is achieved on a surface or enemy. Upgrades increase damage, lock-on speed, and number of missiles fired.
Napalm Launcher3The Napalm Launcher lobs a napalm grenade that travels a moderate distance and explodes, engulfing the area in flames. Most targets in the area are destroyed instantaneously, including the player if caught in the blast radius. Upgrades increase damage, ammo capacity, and explosion intensity.

Passive Upgrades

NameNumber of UpgradesDescription
Weapon Supercharger2Increases weapon damage by 10%. Upgrade will increase damage by an additional 10%.
Speed Booster2Increases movement speed of the player. Upgrade will increase speed by an additional amount.
Ammo Regenerator2Allows ammo to slowly regenerate over time. Upgrade reduces time between resupplies.
Health Regeneration3Allows health to slowly regenerate over time. Upgrades reduce time between replenishments and increases the amount restored.
Tractor Beam2Pick-ups and upgrades nearby will automatically be attracted to and collected by the player. Upgrade increases range of attraction.
Treasure Radar1Adds a radar to the bionic arm that will flash yellow, orange, or red (depending on proximity) when nearby a secret item or upgrade.
Commando Gear1Adds a stealth claw and armored boots to the player, both with a pixel camouflage design. The stealth claw reduces enemy awareness to your grapples and swings allowing for better sneaking. The armored boots will damage enemies when swinging through them instead of recoiling the player on impact.
Trucker Cap1The Trucker Cap is one of two Prestige Upgrades. It is obtained by collecting one of every other passive upgrade. It has no effect on the player, meant to increase difficulty. An achievement/trophy is awarded for finishing each level with both Prestige Upgrades equipped.

Active Upgrades

NameNumber of UpgradesDescription
Grenade Launcher3When activated, a grenade is fired in an arc in front of the player that will explode a few seconds after landing. One grenade uses half of the player's power bar. Upgrades increase damage, and allow the grenades to break fragile blocks they were incapable of breaking before.
Whiparound3The Whirparound swings the player's fully extended arm in a 360 degree motion, dealing damage to all targets within the radius. The Whiparound attack uses a full power bar. Upgrades reduce recharge time and add a knock-back effect to enemies in the area outside of the damage radius.
Uppercut2The Uppercut is a quick, close-range strike that deals damage and propels objects it hits, such as barrels. The Uppercut attack uses a full power bar. Upgrade will allow the player to grab enemies and use them as human shields or throw them.
Drone Operator2The Drone Operator allows the player to summon friendly attack drones. The drones will surround and follow the player until detecting a nearby enemy or incoming projectile and moving to intercept, thereby exploding. One drone uses half of the player's power bar, allowing for two to be active at a time. Upgrade will reduce the power cost by 50%, allowing a maximum of 4 drones to be summoned.
Electro Claw2The Electro Claw will shock enemies it comes into contact with after activation. Humanoid enemies will be killed by the shock, mechanical enemies will only be stunned, however leaving them vulnerable. The Electro Claw attack uses a full power bar. Upgrade will allow the claw to shock platforms and objects, chaining the effect to anything in a close range to the impact. Enemies behind cover or on a platform above can be disabled without confrontation.
Hacking Claw2The Hacking Claw can be used to hack mechanical enemies which will disable them. It can also be used to hack Relay Stations hidden in most levels with mechanical enemies. Hacking a Relay Station will disable all mechanical units in the area for a brief period. Occasionally they are also used to open locked doors, usually containing secrets. The Hacking Claw attack uses a full power bar. Upgrade will allow the claw to hack platforms and objects, chaining the effect to anything in a close range to the impact. Mechanical enemies behind cover or on a platform above can be disabled without confrontation.
Force Shield2The Force Shield creates a small shield in front of the player that stops incoming projectiles until a damage threshold is met. The player and enemies themselves can pass through the shield. The Force Shield uses half of the player's power bar, allowing two shields to be placed at any time. Upgrade will let two shields be stacked in the same spot to create a shield as tall as the player, no longer requiring them to crouch behind to benefit from it. A stacked shield counts as one shield, meaning another small shield can be placed without erasing the stacked one.
Dog Tags1The Dog Tags are one of two Prestige Upgrades. They are obtained by collecting one of every other active upgrade. They have no effect on the player, meant to increase difficulty. An achievement/trophy is awarded for finishing each level with both Prestige Upgrades equipped.


Finishing the game without jumping awards the Billy Hoyle achievement, a reference to Woody Harrelson's character in the movie White Men Can't Jump.