Poptropica is a virtual online game which kids can travel, play games, and customize their characters. Poptropica is a problem solving game.


Poptropica is MMORPG game aimed at kids. The Poptropica world always expands bringing more and more islands, outfits, and many more items. Kids can't type their own messages in Poptropica. Instead the creators already typed up different things that kids might ask to other players in Poptropica. This is a safe guard that the creators placed for adults whom might want to ask about private information. The Poptropica age group is from 6-16, however anyone is really allowed to play this game.


These are the islands that are already out in order:

  1. Early Poptropica
  2. Shark Tooth Island
  3. Time Tangled island
  4. 24 carrot island
  5. Super power Island
  6. Spy Island
  7. Nabooti Island
  8. Big Nate Island
  9. Astro Knight
  10. Counterfeit Island
  11. Haunted House
  12. Reality TV
  13. Mythology Island
  14. Skulldugery Island
  15. Steam Works Island
  16. The Great Pumpkin


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When a player joins poptropica they have the choice of buying a membership and gaining access to "members only" products. Like exclusive island releases, collectable gear, and much more. Monthly is $3.99, 3 months is $10.95, and 6 months is $19.95.