A brick-breaking game with RPG elements. The goal is to find your way back to Earth through the walls of bricks blocking your path.

AlphaBounce combines the classical brick-breaking arcade concept with RPG features, offering you the chance to explore an endless universe with millions of levels!

You have been taken prisoner by an evil intergalactic mining corporation which exploits the galaxy's mineral resources. Take your only chance to escape and blast your way through the bricks back to Earth! Amass a huge collection of equipment, and use it to modify the rules of the game.

AlphaBounce is a game which is exclusively available for download from the Nintendo DSi Shop and has been created and developed by Mad Monkey Studio and Motion Twin.


AlphaBounce is similar to other hybrid games with "RPG elements", such as Puzzle Quest, in that the main gameplay mechanic originates in a completely different genre. In this case, it takes gameplay from titles such as Breakout, Arkanoid, Shatter and other such games and envelopes it in map exploration and "character" growth.
In this instance, it's your paddle that gets upgraded through various brick-breaking stages containing parts that you can attach to it. The main map, which is simply outer space broken up into tiles, shows areas with upgrades or other special events. You can move your paddle one tile at a time, but in order to progress further in any given direction, you need to "play" the tile--i.e. break yourself some bricks. You can move along through any tile you've previously played without having to stop, making backtracking to a space way across the map much less of a hassle than it could have been.