Geometry Wars: Touch

Geometry Wars: Touch

Bizarre Creations' dual-joystick shooter for the iPhone and iPad.


Geometry Wars: Touch is an iPad port of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 for the Xbox Live Arcade. The game is controlled by a pair of simulated joysticks on the iPad's screen, and has an exclusive mode called Titans. 
The game features achievements and leaderboards similar to Xbox Live Arcade version, although there is currently no ability to add "friends".

Game Modes

Deadline:  You have three minutes to score as many points as you can with unlimited lives.
King:  You have one life and no bombs. Safe zones spawn on the field, and enemies can not enter these safe zones. However, you must be in a safe zone to fire, and beware that safe zones shrink over time. 
Evolved: No time limit, four lives and three bombs. Score as many points as you can, with extra bombs and lives at point intervals. (10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000...)
Pacifism: You may not shoot and have only one life. Enemies are destroyed by passing through gates without touching the gate's edges, and bonus points are added for rapidly entering multiple gates. 
Waves: You have one life and must destroy the rockets that come at you, in ever increasing numbers and with ever increasing enemies. 
Sequence: Twenty levels, 30 seconds per level. If you die during a level, you skip immediately to the next one, and failing to complete a level in 30 seconds results in loss of life. If you run out of lives, you lose. 
Titans: Battle against super-sized enemies that release a swarm of smaller enemies of the same type on death.