Hyperballoid HD

Hyperballoid HD

Alawar's Hyperballoid series makes its way to the PS3 with Hyperballoid HD. Features Arkanoid-style action with two campaigns totalling 100 levels.


Hyperballoid HD's gameplay is akin to many puzzle games, but ultimately, it plays much more like Arkanoid more than anything else, in that the player must break all objects on screen to advance to the next levels. When these objects are broken, the player can sometimes collect power-ups which have either good, dubious, or bad use towards the game and gems which can aid the player in gaining lives.

Downloadable content

On 2nd June, the first DLC pack for Hyperballoid HD was released through PSN. This DLC pack adds the Original World level pack(being different from the first two packs in that there is no music, and the backgrounds are not based on a period of time or space, instead just using stock backgrounds), and one new trophy.