Cold War

Cold War

Set in the 1980's during the height of the Cold War, players must escape from a Russian complex where American journalist Matt Carter has been captured.


Cold War is a stealth action game; the main objective is to progress from one location to the next while going unnoticed. Along the way, players collect clues to unearth the story’s mystery, while using the main character’s inventive innovation to create gadgets which aid in espionage and escape.


Matt Carter, an American investigative journalist, is on assignment in Russia. Following a lead takes Carter to a Moscow museum after closing hours. Overhearing a conspiring plot by several Russian dignitaries and commanding officers, Carter begins to take several pictures, only to discover his camera has been replaced by one of the Russian’s secret tools in development; a portable x-ray camera.

His use of the device alerts the guards, causing his presence to be known to the Russian conspirators. Carter is immediately taken into custody and thrown into a cell surrounded by other enemies of the Russian state. Carter uses his MacGyver-like ingenuity to model makeshift weapons to escape and sneak past Russian guards. He befriends another jailed individual, framed much in the fashion that Carter finds himself. Using the man’s knowledge of the Russian’s complex, Carter plans for an escape and to uncover the Russian conspiracy that is sure to make a great article.

Roots in Stealth

Cold War shares many similarities with the popular stealth franchise, Splinter Cell. The heads up display shows hiding information to the player in regard to visibility and audibility. This lets the player easily identify when enemies cannot see Carter due to shadows, or hear Carter from movement.

Carter can also snap his fingers to attract a guard's attention, or throw objects to distract them. The action takes place from a third person perspective, with the camera snapping to over the shoulder movement with a reticule on screen when a weapon is drawn, similar to Splinter Cell.


Players can crouch, tip-toe, and shimmy on certain ledges to avoid detection by the enemy. Carter also prefers a non-lethal approach to incapacitating enemies, and chooses to construct weapons out of gathered materials, such as a plastic bottle, rags, or anesthetics. The player must combine each item in the proper order to created items like plastic bullets, or drugged rags to keep enemies unconscious longer.

Players can also carry enemy bodies on their back, ensuring their hidden visibility to other patrolling guards. While at a computer console, Carter can see the view of any security cameras in the area, as well as a map for the entire level. Carter can also instruct his ally to sneak past guards. The two communicate via stolen walkie-talkies, while Carter’s partner gives advice on the whereabouts of helpful Russian documents.

Once players have collected enough secret documents, Carter has enough intelligence to create a blueprint for a new item. These range from expanded plastic bullet clips, to timed gas bombs.