Trajectile is a puzzle game for the Nintendo DSi.


Trajectile was released in North America on January 4, 2010 for 500 Nintendo Points. Trajectile features 230 unique stages. The objective of Trajectile is to destroy all the enemy blocks in each stage and an enemy block can be destroyed by using a missile.

Types of Missiles

  • Smashers - Smashers are the color blue and destroy blocks by smashing into them and bouncing off. Smashers can smash up to 5 blocks before disappearing.
  • Drillers - Drillers are the color green and destroy blocks by drilling into them. Drillers can drill through 7 blocks before disappearing.
  • Berserkers - Berserkers are the color red and destroy blocks by exploding on contact with a block. Berserkers have a blast radius that can destroy nearby blocks.

Types of Blocks

  • Enemy Block - Enemy blocks are blocks that need to be destroyed in order to complete the level.
  • Normal Block - Normal blocks are destroyed with one hit from a missile
  • Hard Block - Hard blocks can not be destroyed.
  • Bomb Block - Bomb blocks explode after being hit with a missile, destroying all nearby blocks.
  • Split Block - Split blocks split any missile upon impact into two separate missiles.
  • Shield Block - Shield blocks can only be destroyed after being hit twice by a missile.
  • Double Item Block - A double item block gives an item that doubles the amount of missiles for one turn.
  • Driller Item Block - A Driller item block gives an item that changes all the missiles into Drillers for one turn.
  • Berserker Item Block - A Berserker item block gives an item that changes all missiles into Berserkers for one turn.
  • Star Item Block - A star item block gives an item that powers up all missiles for one turn.