In this cutesy launch title for the Japanese Xbox release, Sneakers puts players as the leader of a group of mice as they search for the rats that took their food.


Sneakers: Small Heroes, Big Adventure (known in Japan as Nezumikusu: Have a mice day!) is a 2.5D action-adventure game developed by Media.Vision and published by Microsoft for the Xbox on February 22, 2002 (in Japan, as a launch title) and October 22, 2002 (worldwide). In the North American market, it was only released at Toys "R" Us stores.

Players control a clothed mouse named Apollo, who must lead his companions around numerous giant environments to find and scare away hidden rats (as they are finding the culprits behind their missing food stash). In certain situations, the game switches into a 3D brawler where the group must knock out a group of rats.


  • Apollo - A white mouse with a red jacket. He is the hero.
  • Brutus - A friend of Apollo. He has a beard.
  • Watt - Another friend of apollo. He wears a vest.
  • Pete - Yet another member of Apollo's crew. He wears a green sweatshirt.
  • Bonnie - A female mouse. Her brother has gone missing.
  • Tiki - Bonnie's brother.