Little Red Hood

Little Red Hood

An obscure unlicensed NES game based very loosely on the story of Little Red Riding Hood.


Little Red Hood is an unlicensed NES title released in 1990 developed by Sachen. It is loosely based on the Little Red Riding Hood series. The Mega Duck and Game Boy versions were titled "Black Forest Tale".

One of the releases of the NES version comes an oddly shaped cartridge that hooks on to another cartridge. This must be done for the game to play in a front loading NES. Top Loaders however can play this version of the game without any other cartridges fine.


The gameplay in Little Red Hood is rather complex. Although the game features an overhead view like The Legend of Zelda, the gameplay itself is hard due to errors in code. The goal of the game is to have Little Red Hood find staircases, inside the staircases she can find either powerups or a key. Once a key is found (which doesn't appear inside every staircase) a white staircase serving as the level exit will randomly appear. Most of the levels follow this formula, however one level inexplicably switches to a side scrolling view and involves the player searching underwater for pearls.

Hit detection in the game is very poor. Although Little Red Hood has a kick, but can only be used to knock items out of a tree. Players can only find a random dog under rocks that will randomly run around and eat the enemies. Players are also able to buy slingshots from the shops to attack enemies however instead of shooting pellets from the sling shot, Little Red Hood instead shoots the slingshot itself at enemies.