Casebook is a modern FMV game set in New Zealand that takes advantage of the developer's proprietary image capture technology, which gives the player free reign to explore real world, 3D environments.


 Detective Burton
Detective Burton

Casebook is FMV adventure game where the player is placed in the role of a crime scene investigator. Detective James Burton is the player's companion working in tandem to solve three murder mysterious involving kidnapping, suicide, and murder.

The three cases are linked together as an overarching plot and done through ten crime scenes. Gameplay mainly features collecting evidence and performing mini-games to solve the mystery. A ranking system is in place to grade how well players collect evidence. less use of the hint system increases ranking. The game also features skip-able mini-games if the story, 2 hours of FMV, is the player's primary investment.


Four episodes currently exist in Casebook. Episode Zero is free while the other episodes are priced at $9 each. A special edition called Casebook:Trilogy was released on August, 6, 2010 where Episodes 1-3 can be bought for $20 as a digital download off the Casebook website.

Episode 0

The free episode that acts as the game's demo. Detective Burton investigates why his Uncle's ashes have gone missing and his Aunt Maggie is involved. She has searched everywhere but the basement....

Episode 1

The Birchermann kids are kidnapped, along with their other misfortunes their mother is dead and their father is none existent dealing with his own problems. Detective Burton and the player take the case.

Episode 2

A young man jumps out his window and kills himself in the bad part of town. Is it just another day in Skylark Apartments or is it something more?

Episode 3

When Detective Burton goes outside the law and investigates a series of cases in Garden. The player must sort out fact from fiction.

Episode 4

In developement - CANCELLED

System Specs

Operating System: Windows XP SP2 (and above) / Windows Vista

Processor: 1.5Ghz CPU (Core 2 or equivalent or newer)

Memory: 1GB (2GB recommended)

Video: 128MB DirectX 9.0c & Shader Model 1.4 support (256MB recommended)

Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card