ESPN Baseball Tonight

ESPN Baseball Tonight

A baseball game that was released for the Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Super Nintendo and PC. It featured the MLB license but not the Player's Association license, so the team names are present but not the player names.


ESPN Baseball Tonight is a baseball game from Park Place Productions (Stormfront Studios developed the PC port) and published by Sony Imagesoft (now 989 Studios). It features the ESPN (the TV network) license and the MLB license, but not the MLBPA license.

Like a few baseball games out at this time, the game features a lower perspective of the field while pitching/batting, almost level with the batter's POV. The screen doesn't transition to an overhead view while fielding, unlike many other baseball games. Along with the traditional tournament and exhibition modes, the player can try their hand at a Home Run Derby and receives a score based on how many homers they hit.

ESPN Baseball Tonight was originally released on the Sega CD in 1993. It received additional versions for the core Sega Genesis system, the Super Nintendo and PC MS-DOS, all in 1994. It would be followed by other ESPN-branded sports games, the next being ESPN Sunday Night NFL in August 1994.