Saira is a two dimensional puzzle platformer. Saira teleports herself to mars to find out that humankind has disappeared from the galaxy.

Overview - "Now, how does something like that happen?"

The game is about a photographer called Saira (Sa-ee-ra), who is know to take photos that involves putting herself in danger. She teleports herself to Mars, once there she realizes that all humankind has disappeared from the galaxy.


This game features many mini-games that are used that are used to open pathways to new areas of the level, these mini-games often need the player to explore the environment to find the solutions to the games. You use Saira's camera to take pictures of the solutions within the environment which you can view as you are completing the puzzle. When travelling from system to system through space you can play a unique pinball game which involves having 5 pinball tables that are attached vertically and horizontally to each other. At points during the platforming you can fly fast for short periods times, this is key to reaching areas of interests. There are 11 layers of high definition parallax scrolling in the level, which also makes use of real life photography to create Saira’s unique visual style. There are also multiple endings.