Shooting Range

Shooting Range

Shooting Range is a light gun game that was released on the NES.


Shooting Range is a light-Gun shooting game developed by TOSE and published by Bandai for the NES in 1989.


In Shooting Range up to four players can play alternatively. There are two different modes of play, both can be played with four players.

Normal Game

Normal game is where the player progresses through three regular stages and a bonus stage. The goal of each stage is to shoot a certain amount of targets. There are three degrees of difficulty labeled Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. If the player runs out of energy or run out of time the game is over. There is an option to continue on the stage the player is on is the game is lost.

Normal Game Stages

In Normal Mode there are 3 regular stages and a bonus stage.
  • Western
  • Ghost House
  • Bonus
  • Space

Party Game

The second game mode in Shooting Range is called Party Game. In Party Game the player or players take turns on a more carnival game style shooting range and compete for the highest score.