Resistance 3

Resistance 3

In the third game in Insomniac's Resistance franchise, you will play as Joseph Capelli, murderer of previous protagonist Nathan Hale, as he journeys across the Chimera-controlled United States.


Resistance 3 was released on Sept. 6th, 2011 in the US. Although the game was announced on August 17, 2010, speculation of the game had been brewing since 2009, when a billboard advertising the game was spotted on a movie set for Battle: Los Angeles. Resistance 3 was featured in issue 211 of Game Informer magazine with a 10 page article.

Joseph Capelli
Joseph Capelli

Nathan Hale, the main protagonist of Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2, does not return the lead role for Resistance 3, having been shot in the head and killed at the end of the previous game. Instead Joseph Capelli, the man who killed him, is the game's lead. Resistance 3 takes place in 1957, four years after the events of Resistance 2. In that time the Chimera have become the world's dominant race, with some human survivors turning to cannibalism due to a lack of food. The former United States is the game's main setting, more specifically: Oklahoma, Philadelphia, New York City and St. Louis, Missouri, among others.

The tagline of Resistance 3 is, ''You are the Resistance'', to make note that ordinary civilians are all that's left now to repel the Chimeran occupation.


The game starts with Nathan Hale being executed by Joseph Capelli (referred as Joe in the game). After killing Hale, his body is brought back to base where his blood is used by Doctor Fyodor Malikov to create a vaccine to the Chimera virus. As all of Earth's military forces meet defeat at the hands of the Chimera, Joe gets a dishonorable discharge from the army and decides to start a new life by marrying his fiancé Susan Farley (who happens to be Hale's foster sister) and promising her that he will never fight again.

New Haven under attack.
New Haven under attack.

The game flashes forward 4 years. There is no more resistance and the Chimera now have complete control. Joe, Susan, and their young son Jack, and other survivors, try to live normally underground in Haven, Oklahoma. However, the Chimera begin attacking Haven, coincidentally when Malikov finally finds Joseph with information regarding the Chimeran. The good doctor explains that when Hale blew up the mothership at the end of the second game, it opened a wormhole to another galaxy. The Chimera are using said wormhole to freeze the planet because they need a colder environment to live in, as previously hinted at by the cooling equipment implanted in their own bodies. Apparently, the main wormhole is in New York City and despite being reluctant to help Malikov at first, Susan convinces Joe to go after explaining that their sick son will not make it through the endless winter.

Malikov and Capelli travel to St. Louis, Missouri where they meet up with another resistance group who lets them get a VITOL ride all the way to Mt. Pleasant, PA. There, Malikov and Joe take a train but are ambushed by humans who call themselves the Wardens. These monsters execute Doctor Malikov and take Joe prisonner and have him fight in gladiator type matches. Joe eventually escapes and makes it to a frozen New York. Realizing that he probably won't make it back alive, he radios his family to say his goodbyes and marches towards the wormhole tower. Despite doing his best, Joe fails at entering the tower, overrun by Chimera just outside the main gates.

Joe in New York.
Joe in New York.

Just as all hope seems lost, the St. Louis resistance comes to save Joe, wishing to bring him back to base. Joe refuses to give up and points at a nearby terraformer which could be crashed into the wormhole tower, thus destroying it. Joe and the resistance infiltrate the tower, sabotage its navigation system and violently crash it into the tower. Joe survives the ordeal and makes it safely back to his family. During the credits, it's revealed that temperatures are rising and that New York City seems to have disappeared. Different resistance groups around the world begin radioing in, saying that the Chimera are retreating. Pictures are shown of humanity rebuilding itself.

The Shop

Completion of Resistance 3 and its Trophies will award the player with points; points that can be used to buy a series of miscellaneous items centred around Resistance 3. They range from multiplayer skins, concept art, to cheats, to development videos and multiplayer titles.


  • Mirror Mode - Reverses the direction of the world.
  • Enemy Secondary Fires - Enemies can use the secondary fire for their weapon.
  • Enemy Super Weapons - Some enemies randomly carry Bullseyes, Carbines, Augers, Rossmores and Marksmans.
  • Bloody Hell -
  • Immersive - Removes the ammo and health HUD.
  • Health Regen - Capelli's health will regenerate much like the style from Resistance: Fall of Man.
  • All Weapons - All weapons are given to the player.
  • Infinite Ammo - All weapons have infinite ammo.


  • Haven - Behind the scenes.
  • Boat - Behind the scenes.
  • Remembering R1.
  • Remembering R2.
  • Bug Reel.
  • VO Outtakes.
  • Steve Ryder Concepts.


Resistance 3 was first mentioned when a billboard advertising the title was spotted in Shreveport, Louisiana in 2009. The game wouldn't be officially announced, however, until the 2010 Gamescom conference, with a live-action trailer showcasing Joseph Capelli's struggle against the Chimera throughout the bleak and depressing atmosphere of war-torn Missouri.

The gameplay was first revealed in the 2010 Spike TV Awards, depicting Capelli and fellow returning character Fyodor Malikov traversing across a river on a boat. An onslaught of Chimera would begin from a horde of the zombie-like Grim chimera, and a new kind with jet propelled machinery on their legs allowing them to leap a fair distance.

Doomsday Edition.
Doomsday Edition.

Taking on-board the criticisms Resistance 2 received for its departure from the mechanics of the original game, Insomniac brought back the weapon wheel allowing access to all acquired weapons, and restored the traditional co-operative mode instead of Resistance 2's middling seperate co-op campaign. Because the setting is based on the aftermath of the war between the Chimeran invaders and Humanity--with the victory going to the Chimera--and ordinary civilians now forced to defend themselves, Resistance 3 was given a much more moody and oppressive colour palette.

Resistance 3 has also been heavily promoted alongside Sony's 3D technology, with the game itself being available in 3D, and also available within a bundle alongside a new 3DTV. Called the Doomsday edition, it also features a Sharpshooter peripheral, a Move controller, a navigation controller, and a Playstation Eye camera.

On Disc Bonuses

To promote Sony's other avenues like Sony Music and Sony Movies, Resistance 3's bluray contains a myriad of miscellaneous content, including music videos, movie trailers and video game demos.


Resistance 3 retains the series' fast paced shooting, pitting Capelli up against the Chimera in the single player campaign. Notable differences from previous games include the removal of the series' signature 'quadrant' health regeneration, in both single player and multiplayer, and the return of the weapon wheel from the original, replacing Resistance 2's limit of carrying only two weapons. To also reflect the makeshift nature of the setting, grenades in Resistance 3 are made from bean cans filled with nails. The game gives three different outset difficulties to choose from, with an unlockable fourth once the campaign has been completed on any of the three lesser difficulties.

Resistance 3 features the series' first melee-only weapon: a sledgehammer. Originally hinted at during the debut live-action trailer, the sledgehammer is to be at the players disposal during the single player campaign.


Newly introduced for Resistance 3 is the mechanic of leveling up weapons. Starting at level one, every weapon through use will eventually rank up two extra levels earning upgrades per level - minus the Sledgehammer and grenades.

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M5A2 Folsom Carbine - Formerly the standard armament for the US Military, the Carbine is an all round reliable assault rifle, and one that is commonly found with a grenade launcher attachment.

  • Level 2 - A bayonet is attached to the end allowing a more powerful melee attack with the Carbine equipped.
  • Level 3 - The alt-fire grenade launcher will now shoot three grenades at once.
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The Bullseye - The Chimeran's own equivalent to the Carbine, and is fitted with a lot of the standard Chimeran grunts amongst its army. It is less accurate than the Carbine, but is much more aggressive with dishing the damage.Its alternate fire is a tracking blip that if hit on a target will have all bullets shot automatically home in on the target, even curving around cover.

  • Level 2 - Bullseye shots will explode in impact, delivering extra damage and some minor splash damage as well.
  • Level 3 - When a tag is shot, the tag pops and spreads to another two enemies allowing three tags at once.
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HE.44 Magnum - The traditional sidearm for the Sentinel units. On its own acts as a powerful six shooter, but through modifications it has earned the benefit of explosive shots. Those shots can be triggered manually, whether inside a victim to hurt those around or around the environment acting as traps waiting to be sprung.

  • Level 2 - The bullets have been upgraded to grow brighter as time passes, resulting in a bigger and more powerful explosion.
  • Level 3 - The bullets will separate into multiple charged explosives on contact of an enemy.
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Rossmore 236 Combat Shotgun - A powerful 12 gauge shotgun that is perfect for close quarter encounters and rush attacks. Its alt-fire fires a concussion grenade which knock down and stun enemies the shotgun's default range can't reach.

  • Level 2 - The shotgun now shoots combustible rounds, able to set ablaze any and all enemies.
  • Level 3 - The secondary fire can now catch enemies on fire.
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Auger Rifle Mark II - One of the most infamous Chimeran weapons, well known for its dangerous, and invaluable, ability to shoot through a number of surfaces and materials. Its secondary ability is to set up a temporary portable shield, which can also still be penetrated by Auger fire. For Resistance 3 the Auger has improved its effectiveness even further with an added electrical scope.

  • Level 2 - The default fire will shoot out a line of three surface penetrating shots.
  • Level 3 - The alt-fire shield has been upgraded to damage any nearby enemies near the shield.
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The Marksman - First introduced in Resistance 2's cooperative campaign, the Marksman can now be procured in Resistance 3's main story campaign as well. Semi-automatic with incredible stopping power makes it a worthy weapon on both sides of the conflict. Its secondary fire shoots an ally turret which can be attached to surfaces and attack any hostiles within its proximity for a short while.

  • Level 2 - The weapon gains a scope, allowing better accuracy and a larger zoom resolution. Each shot also does more damage.
  • Level 3 - The turrets do more damage and last longer.
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The Mutator - A new weapon introduced via Resistance 3; The Mutator is an experimental weapon made up of makeshift parts that harnesses an infectious biological agent that inflicts explosive boils on Chimera within seconds. Its secondary fire shoots out a disorienting mist that will infect all enemies within the vicinity, causing them to instantly begin to vomit and become enveloped in the explosive boils.

  • Level 2 - Enemies that are infected will turn into walking bombs and attempt to run into the closest enemy and infect them upon impact.
  • Level 3 - The infectious mist has an increased area of effect.

Deadeye - A Chimeran sniper rifle that has been switched over the Fareye from previous Resistance entries, the Deadeye on its own is a formidable sniper rifle offering steady accuracy and power. Its alt fire is a charged up super-shot that can kill almost any enemy with a single hit.

  • Level 2 - Enemies heads are outlined allowing a clearer perspective for headshots; differing zoom levels are also accessible.
  • Level 3 - The alt-fire's charge is much more quicker and the shot itself can pierce through multiple enemies and walls.

Cryogun - A Chimeran weapon that shoots out a spray of dangerously cold air, even for the Chimera, and can be used to completely freeze enemies. Its alt-fire acts as a sonic-blast, knocking enemies back and shattering any frozen enemies within your front view.

  • Level 2 - When an enemy is frozen, icicles will form around the enemy and damage nearby enemies.
  • Level 3 - The secondary fire has been upgraded with the added ability to freeze enemies.
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Atomizer - Wielded mostly by the Ravagers, the Atomizer is one of the latest of the Chimeran armory. It shoots out a fluid and dynamic arc of lightning that'll seek the closest enemy within a short range, disintegrating them completely. Its alt-fire shoots out a gravity well, which pulls in all enemies close by and damages them.

  • Level 2 - Standard fire is more powerful and can jump between enemies, allowing multiple enemies to be attacked at once.
  • Level 3 - The gravity well will now explode once it has been used up damaging any enemies nearby that may have survived the attack.

Wildfire - A Chimeran rocket-launcher, it comprises of as much power as any would expect and is vital for taking down Chimeran drop ships thanks to its heat-seeking targeting system. Its alt-fire shoots another rocket that can be triggered to explode into a smaller cluster of rockets that rains down directly.

  • Level 2 - The secondary mini rockets has the added ability to home in on any nearby enemies.
  • Level 3 -

Sledgehammer - The first ever melee only weapon for a Resistance game, the Sledgehammer is a powerful close-range weapon best suited when surrounded by rampant Grims and/or leapers. It has two different attcks; one is a horizontal sweep, while the other a vertical slam. The Sledgehammer cannot be upgraded.


  • Shrapnel Grenades - Made out of nails fitted into bean cans, these are all the Resistance have with regards to explosive weaponry. They still function like regularly grenades and are a great detriment towards crowds of clustered chimera.
  • Hedgehog Grenades - The Chimera's primary projectile that act as a mine trap. Once it sense an enemy nearby, it will quickly rise up as a ball of spikes and shoot those spikes in every direction.
  • EMP Grenade - EMP grenades are used to quickly and efficiently shut down Chimeran shields and drones on the battlefield.
  • Air Fuel Grenade (only available through certain preorders) - An extremely powerful projectile, Air Fuel grenades when thrown leave a moderately sized patch of gas which quickly erupts into flames burning anything within it.
  • Molotov - Rudimentary, but effective, the molotovs are reliable for dishing a quick source of fire against the Chimera - especially against Grim and Leech nests.

The Chimera

The Chimeran race is made up of a multitude of creatures, some humanoids, other huge bug-like monstrosities - all made up from the DNA and tissue of humans. Many are returning from previous titles, though Resistance 3 introduced a few more different Chimeran varieties.

Returning ChimeraNewly introduced Chimera
Hybrid - The most common of the Chimeran army, Hybrids are mostly humanoid and are the closest to resembling what was once a human-being. Hybrids are all controlled via a Hive-Mind and as such have no emotion, nor ability to reason. They are equipped with a pack on their backs to allow a constant jet of cold so as they can survive on Earth. They are also always fitted with Bullseyes as their weapon of choice.Longlegs - Primarily Hybrids but with jet-propelled machinery attached to their legs. Longlegs use their unique abilities for taking huge leaps across the terrain, making them difficult to shoot without a Bullseye tag.
Steelhead - They are similarly like larger Hybrids, though they are better armoured and instead are always equipped with the surface penetrating Auger weapon.Sniper Hybrid - Literally just standard Hybrid units equipped with Deadeye sniper rifles. They also have access to stealth-technology, allowing them to stay hidden from view. Their sniper laser-site is the best way to spot them from afar.
Grim - Grims are feral Chimera, completely separated from the mindset of the Hive. As such, they are completely mindless; they have no weapons besides their own claws, though they make up for it through sheer number and aggressiveness.Wildfire Hybrid - Literally just standard Hybrid units equipped with the Wildfire Rocket Launcher.
Leaper - Small, insectoid like Chimera, the Leapers scurry aimlessly and, like Grims, are feral and detached from the wishes of the Chimeran Hive-Mind. Also like Grims, Leapers pose a threat mostly through their large numbers, as well as their small size.Sniper Longleg - Mixing the best of both worlds, Sniper Longlegs feature all advantages of both Sniper Hybrids and Longlegs, making them an incredibly formidable and dangerous unit to face.
Ravager - Huge, hulking Chimera, the Ravagers are at the forefront of a Chimeran attack, always equipped with a large weapon to match with their size. In Resistance 3, Ravagers are equipped with Atomizers. They are extremely tough to kill, but as such they encountered fairly sparsely.Leech - Leechs are infected Grims, still pulsating with explosive boils from the virus that fuels the Mutator weapon. They charge as soon as they notice the players presence, hoping to get close enough just as they explode. Naturally they are best taken out from a distance.
Stalker - A four-legged machine, Stalkers are formidable attack drones that are fitted with extremely tough armour, and consistently have a bubble shield to further add to their protection.Widowmaker - A huge Chimeran creature, almost resembling an insect, Widowmakers are the largest of the Feral Chimera and are a source of trouble for both humanity and the Hive-Mind Chimera. It's primary attack is to spew a massive stream of acid, covering a wide area. It has many vulnerable spots, though can still be a challenge to take down.
Goliath - Goliaths are massive, intimidating war-machines resembling a much larger Stalker. They are nigh-indestructible, and are able to completely wipe out Towns and Cities with ease.Brawler - Large gorilla-like Chimera, the Brawler can maneuver throughout the environment akin to its primate look-a-likes. It relies on brute force, though has very little armour making it very susceptible to most kinds of gun fire - particularly explosive because of its large size.
Dropship - Much like the name implies, Dropships are aircraft used to deliver Chimeran troops to the ground. They are still fitted for attacking maneuvers, however, and have access to a heavy machine-gun, rockets and a search light.Satan - Another beast of a Chimera, ''Satan'', as it has been dubbed by the local village close-by, has evolved into a kind of large worm through its incubation within the coal mines.
Shock Drone - Mostly found patrolling Goliaths to spot hostiles within Goliaths blind-spots, Shock Drones are also found on ground level on the hunt to alert dropships as to where to deliver their garrison of Chimera. They can defend themselves with an electric charge, though its damage is minor and the Drones can be shot down rather easily.Shield Drones - Similar in appearance to the Shock Drones, the Shield variety has no attacking potential, and merely serves to envelop any specific Chimeran unit with a shield making it indestructible for as long as the shield is up.

The Wardens

A group of escaped convicts who have taken over their prison after the Chimeran invasion, The Wardens will be fought against on a couple of occasions. They are originally faced driving in jeeps while Capelli is riding a train to New York City. When on-foot, they fight similarly to Chimeran Hybrids, albeit with more varying weaponry such as Carbines and Rossmore shotguns. Their leader is Michael ''Mick'' Cutter, who may be smarter than he lets on.


During the month of August, Insomniac opened up a fairly restrictive multiplayer beta for people who pre-ordered SOCOM 4, or bought Blu-ray copies of the action movie Battle: L.A.. It was eventually released for all on August 30th for the final weekend of the beta.

It allowed players to test out two modes-- Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction--across the two maps, Seaside, based in Wales, and Trainyard in Columbia with a character progression rank cap of 20.

The beta was sized as a 1.5GB download.


The transitions between Resistance 2 and 3 for their multiplayer is pretty steep, with R2's large 60 player cap now reduced to 16 players. This radical change was stated by the developers to better promote the idea of a smaller scale feel with ordinary folk trying to defend their shanty towns and broken up lands.

Resistance 3 has also taken up some of the most famous traits from Activision's own Call of Duty series, with unlockable '' perks'' to attain, both as action abilities and passive, with race specific abilities also being made for use should the player attain a kill-streak during match. One example would be a Chimera player unlocking a cloaking shield should the player get three kills without dying. The well-known Prestige system popularised through Call of Duty is in place within the multiplayer as well. Once a player has reached Level 60, they can choose the ''Remnant'' option to revert back to Level 1, with character skins and titles intact (and some extra to show proof of their Remnant status), though all of their weapons and abilities taken away needing to be unlocked again.

To customise your own image whilst playing multiplayer, players can select from a series of character skins for both human and chimera, more being unlocked as they climb the multiplayer ranks. Some character skins, however, are only available via preorder bonuses or by playing in the Global Resistance Facebook game.

Titles are also available to equip; some are unlocked by also going up the ranks, while most require players to perform an all manner of impressive feats within the multiplayer.


  • Deathmatch - Standard 16 player every-man-for-himself mode.
  • Deathmatch Small - Same as the default Deathmatch, though features a small player-count of 8.
  • Team Deathmatch - 8v8 mode across two teams, one as the human resistance and the other as the chimera.
  • Wargames - Objective based mode between two teams.
  • Capture The Flag - Classic mode set between two teams; each with their own flag, the teams are to attempt to capture the enemies flag and bring it back to their own base.
  • Breach - An Attack & Defend mode. Two teams are to take turns defending their base, with specific structures they must defend in a row, while the opposing team is to attack.
  • Chain Reaction - Across the map are 5 checkpoints which players are to capture in numerical order, before the other team does.


The multiplayer maps feature only some of the locals from the Resistance 3 campaign, while most are in fact based on locations throughout the entire world; Japan, Colombia and Wales to name a few. It was said to help give a better perspective towards the world-wide conflict between Humanity and the Chimera.

  • Trainyard - Bogota, Colombia.
  • Prison - Fort Lamy, Republic of Chad.
  • Main Street - Alice Springs NT, Australia.
  • Seaside - Glamorgan, Wales UK.
  • Broadway - New York, USA.
  • Terraformer - Nagoya, Japan.
  • Park - New York City, NY.
  • Motor Pool - Gratesford, PA.
  • Mine Town - Mt. Pleasant, PA.
  • Brew Pub - St. Louis, MO.
  • Ambush - St. Louis, MO.
  • Core Chamber - New York City, NY.

Character Skins


  • Tommy Dean - Unlocked at level 1.
  • Joseph Capelli - Unlocked at Level 3.
  • Fyodor Malikov - Unlocked via the Global Resistance Facebook game.
  • Lester - Unlocked at level 11.
  • Ellis Turner - Unlocked via the in-game unlockables shop.
  • John Harper - Unlocked at level 23.
  • SRPA Hale - Unlocked via the Global Resistance Facebook game.
  • Susan Cappeli - Unlocked at level 30.
  • Dale - Unlocked via the in-game unlockables shop.
  • Johnathon Rose - Unlocked at level 46.
  • Rachel Parker - Unlocked via the Global Resistance Facebook game.
  • Norma - Unlocked via the in-game unlockables shop.
  • SRPA Death Ops - Unlocked at level 60.
  • Infected Nathan Hale - Unlocked via specific Resistance 3 preorder bonuses.


  • Hybrid - Unlocked at level 1.
  • Hybrid Infantry - Unlocked at level 6.
  • Hybrid Elite - Unlocked at level 16.
  • Hybrid Undertaker - Unlocked at level 33.
  • Hybrid Commander - Unlocked at level 41.
  • Steelhead - Unlocked at level 50.
  • Hybrid Assassin - Unlocked at level 54.
  • Death Squad Chimera - Unlocked via the Global Resistance Facebook game.
  • Target Dummy - Unlocked via the Global Resistance Facebook game.
  • Grim - Unlocked at Remnant level 5.
  • Leech - Unlocked at Remnant level 5.

Cooperative Play

Unlike Resistance 2, Resistance 3 doesn't feature a stand alone mode specifically built for eight players, but will instead feature a traditional cooperative version of the single-player story in a similar fashion to Resistance: Fall of Man's campaign.

Global Resistance

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To further promote Resistance 3, Insomniac Games released G.L.O.B.A.L. Resistance, a free-to-play RTS game that can be played either on Facebook, or the PSN. Focusing with online play, it allows you to choose between the two factions of the Resistance and the Chimera, build bases and launch assaults against other players. There is a persistent ranking system in place that will also benefit the full Resistance 3 game, with bonuses such as character skins, titles and boosters for the multiplayer.

Resistance 3 Survivor Edition

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Resistance 3, like most big budget titles, featured a special edition--exclusive to Europe--that encompasses a small list of exclusive bonuses, such as new abilities for multiplayer, and Resistance 3 themed merchandising. In total, the kit offers:

  • Infected Nathan Hale multiplayer skin
  • SRPA Black Ops multiplayer skin
  • Air Fuel Grenade
  • Extra multiplayer title ''Sentinel''
  • Chimeran tooth necklace
  • Canvas satchel
  • A Chimera firing range target
  • SRPA hip flask
  • Playing cards
  • Jospeh Capelli's journal
  • Toy soldiers of the Resistance