Loosely inspired by the Conan the Barbarian-inspired dark fantasy comics of the '70s and '80s, WeaponLord is a 2D weapon-based fighting game where fierce barbarian warriors strike, parry, and counter-attack to become the new Weapon Lord.


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WeaponLord is a 2D dark fantasy weapon-based fighting game developed by Visual Concepts and published by Namco for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (in North America and Europe) and Sega Genesis (exclusively in North America) in late 1995.

Six crude barbarian warriors (each with their own unique weaponry and fighting style) seek to dethrone the Demon Lord Zarak and become Weapon Lord in a grimdark medieval land. Some of these warriors seek honor and family, while others fight for vengeance.

It is the first fighting game to be designed specifically for online multiplayer (and the only game to fully support the XBAND online multiplayer peripheral), with optimizations for lag caused by dial-up connections.


The game features seven characters, though only six are initially available in the single-player Story and Arcade modes.

  • Korr - A swordsman who will one day become the leader of his tribe. He sets out to seek his missing brother and heads north to Zarak's grand tournament to look for him. Wields a large sword in one hand.
  • Talazia - A warrior raised by a tribe with strong links to animal gods. She is encouraged to defeat Zarak when she sees an ancient prophetic mural of a falcon crushing an evil spider. She uses two distinct weapons, one for each hand: a claw and a circular blade.
  • Bane - The cursed barbarian Bane thinks of nothing but vengeance. Uses a giant stone axe.
  • Zorn - A wily warrior-thief who impressed Zarak in the arenas with his dirty tactics. Wields an axe and a demonic shield.
  • Jen-Tai - An unequaled "Queen of the Arenas", she enters Zarak's tournament for the sake of her own pride. Wields a sword and shield.
  • Divada - A sorceress who joined the tournament purely to acquire the evil power Zarak possesses. She wields a double-headed poleaxe.
  • Zarak - The Demon Lord resembles a humanoid spider and has sets up the tournament to meet his fated killer in battle directly. Uses a massive two-handed axe. He is the final boss and can become unlocked in the single-player modes through a special password.