Mini Yonku Let's & Go!!: Power WGP 2

Mini Yonku Let's & Go!!: Power WGP 2

A top-down racing game published by Nintendo in 1998. The game was released both through a normal retail release, and through the Japan-only Nintendo Power distribution service.


Mini Yonku Let's & Go!!: Power WGP 2 is a licensed racing game from Jupiter Corporation and Nintendo. It is the follow-up to 1996's Mini Yonku Shining Scorpion Let's & Go!! for the Super Famicom and Sega Saturn, which was also the first game to be based on the Let's & Go anime and manga which in turn is based on Tomy's Mini Yonku (or Mini 4WD) toyline. This makes Mini Yonku Let's & Go!! the rare case of a game based on an anime based on a manga based on a toyline.

The story of Power WGP 2 (WGP stands for World Grand Prix) has the TRF Victorys team take on other Mini Yonku teams from across the globe. The game itself is a top-down R.C. car racing game in the vein of a Micro Machines or R.C. Pro Am.

The game was released simultaneously as a retail game and one of the games distributed digitally via the Nintendo Power service.