Record of Agarest War Zero

Record of Agarest War Zero

The prequel to Record of Agarest War and a tactical role playing game developed by Compile Heart and Red Entertainment.


Record of Agarest War Zero was released in Japan on June 25th, 2009 for the Playstation 3 and in July 2010 for the Xbox 360 published by Idea Factory. It was announced on November 5th, 2010 that Aksys Games would be publishing a North American version of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, as they did with the first game.

This is the prequel to Record of Agarest War set 1000 years before the events of the first game. The game focuses on the broken balance of light and dark. As the dark army marches onwards the main hero Sieghart saves a girl, Mimel, becoming mortally wounded in the process. He was then saved by her, and was given her powers in the process. With these powers Sieghart accepts his new role in the conflict and throws himself headlong into war.


Combat, soul-breeding and the over-world maps are the same with changes made to other aspects of the game. Feel link, free intention and extra mode are new additions to the series.

Differences from the First Game

A skill card included with the Limited Edition
A skill card included with the Limited Edition
  • There are only two generations in this game, as opposed to the five generations in Record of Agarest War.
  • Players will have the ability to choose the class, weapon, and base skill set that the main protagonist in the first generation will use. This will allow the player to choose a main character that fits their play-style the best, or give the player the ability to create a character that they think would best fit the companions that join during the game.
  • Vacation days have been added that will allow the player to choose what they want to do for one in game day. They can move around town and increase relationships with the female characters, or choose to go to different shops to gain valuable items for their time spent. The time of day will be split into day and night, and action points will be used to determine how time passes.
  • There are only 15 characters in this game, as opposed to the 34 characters that were in the first being a game.
  • Active Animation Adventure will now be used during story sequences. This makes it so that characters will blink, their mouths will move and their clothes and hair will blow in the wind. This is a change from the static character animations that were in Record of Agarest War.
  • There is a new race introduced in the game which is the Rem Lorient (a pixie type race).
  • The towns and the cities have much more interaction than Record of Agarest War

Feel Link

The feel link system allows the heroines costume and dialogue options can change depending on your relationship level with them.

Free intention

Free intention gives the player the ability to increase their relationship level with the heroine as they see fit, and this can effect the costumes and dialogue options available through the feel link system. This feature can also award the player with new items and CG. This is accessed through the town menu, and isn't limited to the one love interest that the character must choose.

Extra Mode

Extra mode is available after the player finishes one playthrough of the game, or the player can import a save from Record of Agarest War. This will give the player the ability to access an area called 'The Door to the Future' which makes it so the player can play with characters from the first game, as well as maps from the first game. The difficulty for extra mode is automatically set to hard, with no way to lower the difficulty. Characters that can be played from the first game are: Leonhardt and his four kids, the heroines from the first game, Ellis, and Dyshana. Other playable characters will be made available through DLC.




Race - Human

Class - Commander

Weapons - Player's Choice

Overview - Sieghart is a young commander in service to the Armies of light. He is very serious and focused, and is respected by all men under his command. Despite his young age he is considered to be a gifted commander by his fellow officers and appears to have a bright future ahead of him.


Race - Human

Class - Doyen's Right Hand (Warrior)

Weapon - Spear

Overview - Also referred to as Linda, she is a heroine of the first generation and second-in-command to Sieghart. She is also a potential love interest in the first generation of the game.


Race - Human

Class - Fortune Teller (Sorcerer)

Weapon - Staff

Overview - Routier is a heroine of the first generation, she is a young girl who has been traveling through the land with her brother. Routier attained the ability to see into the future from her mother, who was rumored to be a fortune teller of great skill.


Race - Harpuia

Class - Mountain Dweller (Battle Mage)

Weapon - Dagger

Overview - Sayane is a heroine of the first generation she is a half-harpuia woman who is always optimistic. While harupia are known to have a sense of direction, that is not something she inherited. She encountered Sieghart and his companions while lost wandering the land.


Race - Unknown

Class - Unchained Soul (Battle Mage)

Weapon - Scythe

Overview - Mimel is the character that Sieghart saves in the beginning of the game from a larva. She was originally supposed to be captured by the army of light for her power of liberation, but while saving Sieghart she transferred that power over to him and, in turn, changed the course of history and both character's fates.


Race - High Elf

Class - Captain's Daughter (Sorcerer)

Weapon - Staff

Overview - A high elf that accompanies Sieghart by the suggestion of her father.


Race - Larva

Class - Chamberlain (Warrior)

Weapon - Spear

Overview - A beast summoned by Alice as a part-time father meant to protect her when she was a young child.


Race - Human

Class - Doyen's Left Hand (Warrior)

Weapon - Sword

Overview - A lieutenant serving under Sieghart along with Linda.


Race - Onerthes

Class - Diviner (Sorcerer)

Weapon - Breaker

Overview - A young Onerthes male who is traveling with a young human orphan who he has taken into his care. Onerthes are known to have great clairvoyant powers but his are non-existent and he travels around trying to gain experience and gain clairvoyant powers.


Race - Human

Class - Heir

Weapon - Varies (depends on soul-breed)

Overview - A hero of the second generation. He is the son of Sieghart and proudly follows in his parents footsteps.


Race - Neocollum

Class - Nature's Balance (Battle Mage)

Weapon - Scythe

Overview - A cheerful Neocollum girl who possesses great maturity and is given the task of cleansing the earth after the war in the first generation


Race - Rem Lorient

Class - Wandering Lotus (Sorcerer)

Weapon - Staff

Overview - Her appearance is that of a small child but her demeanor is that of a self-assured adult. She speaks in a very polite manner but is known to be quite ruthless.


Race - Greer

Class - Blacksmith (Warrior)

Weapon - Knuckles

Overview - Outgoing and a good leader, her role as an older sister leads to many pep talks.


Race - Syrium

Class - Detritus Hermit (Battle Mage)

Weapon - Sword

Overview - One of Apli's oldest friends and uninterested in violence, she joins Leonis in hopes of ending the war.


Race - Human

Class - Pocket Gunner (Warrior)

Weapon - Gun

Overview - Considers Leonis to be like his big brother and tries very hard to be just like him.