Dungeon Explorer II

Dungeon Explorer II

A Hudson-developed, top-down action-adventure game, similar in style to Gauntlet. As the sequel to a HuCard game, it also benefits from the additional storage available with the CD format.


Dungeon Explorer II is the follow-up to Hudson's Dungeon Explorer, a top-down action RPG that played similarly to Gauntlet (monster spawners, etc.) with RPG elements like persistent stat increases and an in-depth story. As with the first Dungeon Explorer, the player's selected hero must run around the world performing quests, exploring dungeons (naturally) and fighting bosses.

The story concerns a demonic wizard named Phades, who steals the precious ORA Stone from its royal protectors as well as resurrecting the last game's antagonist Natas. New heroes must once again find a way to stop Phades and Natas from descending the world into darkness.

Dungeon Explorer II was adapted for the Super Famicom as the heavily modified Crystal Beans: From Dungeon Explorer. It was also added to the Wii's Virtual Console in 2008, but only in Japan.