Words With Friends

Words With Friends

Words with Friends is a Scrabble clone that can be played online asynchronously or by passing a single handset back and forth.

Though Words with Friends is extremely similar to Scrabble, there are some key differences. The board layout is slightly different, and the game only supports one-on-one play.

Starting a New Game

Players may choose to create a new game by searching for an existing user, choose a person from the iPhone contact list, or choose a random opponent. After beginning the new game, the player must complete and submit the first word. The challenger is then notified in-game of the new game and allowed to accept or decline.


Gameplay is similar to that of the board game, Scrabble, with players taking turns trying to generate words from the seven randomly-selected tiles. Tiles may only be placed adjecent to those already present on the board, and a player may only place tiles along a single row per turn. Points are totaled based on the letters used (rarely-used letters are worth more points), the board modifiers (e.g. tripple letter, double word), and whether or not all of a players tiles have been used in a single turn (50 points).  Following a turn, a player will draw the number of random tiles needed to have seven.
The game ends when one of the two players has rid all of their tiles, or both players have passed. When this occurs, any player with leftover tiles has the total points of those tiles subtracted from his score. 

Cross-Platform Play

 With the introduction of the Android version, cross-platform play is now available on this game. The game simply has you searching for a user to play against regardless of whether the opponent is on the same phone ecosystem or not as the player.