4D Sports Boxing

4D Sports Boxing

Players create a fighter and attempt to take him to the top of the rankings in this 3D boxing game by Don Mattrick and Phil Harrison.


4-D (Sports) Boxing is an MS-DOS boxing game was developed by Distinctive Software Inc. (DSI) and published by Mindscape in 1991 and Electronic Arts in 1992 following EA's purchase of DSI. The 1992 version of the game (referred to as version 2.0) featured new graphics and music.

4-D Boxing holds a special place in video games, as both Don Mattrick and Phil Harrison contributed to its development, years before both would become two of the most powerful executives in the industry.


There are 2 basic parts of the gameplay in 4-D Boxing:

  1. Training: Here in the gym, players can train their boxer by practising against heavy bags (increasing punch damage), speed bags (increasing punch speed), and skipping rope (increasing stamina in the ring)
  2. Matches: In the ring, boxers can attack high and low, and use jabs and hooks. They can also block, dodge, and dance around the opponent. Punching takes stamina, and as stamina decreases, punches get slower and weaker. The AI opponents have specific boxing styles, with some preferring quick jabs or counter-attacks or all-out attacks.