Genei Tougi: Shadow Struggle

Genei Tougi: Shadow Struggle

A generic Japanese-exclusive 3D fighting game for the PS1.


Genei Tougi: Shadow Struggle (the former sub-title loosely translated to the latter) is a 3D fighting game developed by Racdym and published by Banpresto for the Sony PlayStation exclusively in Japan on September 20, 1996.

One of Racdym's earliest 3D fighting games (the other being Heaven's Gate), Genei Tougi is a standard three-button fighting game. It received a sequel a year later, titled Critical Blow.


  • Kei
  • Bobby
  • Chiaki
  • Han Fei Lan
  • Harry
  • Mark
  • Reymond.N
  • Neil
  • Berserker (sub-boss, unlockable)
  • Marry.P (final boss, unlockable)
  • Hagane (secret boss, unlockable)