An indie action game featuring an innovative combat system based around combos and quick reflexes.


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Lugaru is an action game, some would maybe consider it a fighting game, based on kung-fu. The game consists of a series of maps that can be tackled in either a stealth manner or a frontal assault. An interesting part of Lugaru is that all the characters are personified animals, rather than humans. There is a story campaign which is fairly short, but to increase the longetivity Wolfire released a tool set. Many player made campaigns have been released since and the game has developed quite a large cult following.

Main Features

  • Deep combat system that is easy to pick up but difficult to master.
  • An engaging campaign about revenge and conspiracy.
  • Easy to mod, allowing people to create texture packs, new campaigns and more.


The game starts with the player, an anthropomorphized rabbit named Turner, in his home village with his wife, daughter and friends. Turner's daughter April notices a strange man over in the village. When approached, the man attacks Turner. After he has dealt with this intrusion he searches for more, and finds a traveler who lures him away from the main village. When far enough away, raiders ambush him. When Turner makes it back to the village his whole family has been slaughtered and only a friend remains who reveals the details of the attack. From there, a tale of revenge unfolds as Turner makes his way across the world of Lugaru searching for those responsible for the killing of his family and friends.


Combat in Lugaru consists of two main styles, hand to hand and weapon combat. Deflections are key in combat as they are the main way to break your enemies combos and deal a large amount of damage. There are also light punches, low kicks, standard kicks, sprinting tackles, wall jump kicks, and counter attacks. To add another layer of depth to the game, there are 3 weapon types: Knife, Sword and Staff. The knife is the fastest of the weapons and can be equipped and holstered in the middle of combat (to prevent enemies from stealing the knife from you.) The sword and staff on the other hand, you have to retreat from combat and be standing still in order to holster them. The Knife and Sword deal permanent damage, whereas the Staff and hand to hand deal temporary damage that recovers over time.


A sequel has been in development for a few years now by Wolfire called Overgrowth. The game features a similar but deeper combat system, a much better custom built engine and improved graphics.