Glory of Heracles

Glory of Heracles

The fifth installment in the long-running series of Greek mythylogy-themed traditional turn-based RPGs, and the first game in the series to receive an official English localization.


Glory of Heracles is the fifth game in the Glory of Heracles (Heracles no Eikou) franchise, which dates back to the first game's release on the original Famicom. While the earlier titles in the series were produced and published by the now-defunct Data East, Nintendo sought to publish a new game in the series for the DS and teamed up with the property holder Paon, a company comprised of former Data East staff. The game was released in North America on January 18, 2010, and was the first entry in the franchise to see a western release.

The game's scenario was written by Kazushige Nojima, who had previously served as the scenario writer for the third and fourth Heracles titles before moving on to become a Squaresoft employee and later a freelance scenario writer responsible for the stories in games ranging from Final Fantasy VII to Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Glory of Heracles is an RPG with turn-based party combat. A unique aspect of the game's combat system involves the ability to power up special attacks by completing a mini-game on the touch-screen.