Trials HD

Trials HD

Trials HD is a 3D, physics-based motorcycle racing/platforming game played out on a 2D plane.


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Trials HD was released as part of Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade on the 12th of August 2009 for 1200 Microsoft Points for the Xbox 360. It is the third game in the popular Trials series and was developed by RedLynx Ltd. A PC version of the game was bundled inside of a special edition release of Trials Evolution though the physics of the game were altered somewhat to match that of the sequel. On February 11th, 2016 the game was made backwards compatible with the Xbox One which despite the gameplay only dropping the occasional frame over the original Xbox 360 release the online replay system in which users could share a video replay of a successful run through any given track does not work in any regard on the Xbox ONE backwards compatible version of the game.

Trials HD is a physics-based motorcycle racing game with over 50 tracks consisting of several unique modes. Race mode emphasizes skill, balance, and control, played out on a 2D plane. Players have the ability to accelerate and brake while using the left analog stick to control the riders posture and lean backwards or forwards. There are 5 difficulty modes in all: beginner, easy, medium, hard and extreme. There are bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals to earn in each track. Medals are awarded for a mixture of time, and number of faults - the lower of each, the better.

Other Modes

Tournament Mode

Tournament mode takes several of the race mode tracks and requires players to play through all consecutively. Medals are given for minimal restarts and quick completion.

Skill Games

Skill Games focus more on extreme stunt tracks where explosions, crashes, and injuries are part of the game. From the get-go there are 3 games to play including ski jump and ring of fire, and a further 9 can be unlocked by clearing portions of the game. 12 more are unlocked by purchasing the Big Pack DLC. Just like other modes, medals are given for passing certain parameters. All 24 are as follows:

  • Inside the Ball

Players are put in a metal ball and required to stay on their bike for as long as possible.

  • Pinball Pit (DLC)

Same as Inside the Ball, but the metal ball is flung around by pinball flippers.

  • Ski Jump

Players launch off a ski-ramp, bail out mid-air, and try to land as far down ramp as they can.

  • Extreme Skiing (DLC)

Same as Ski Jump, but the ski-ramp flicks upward as players go off to give more air time.

  • Ring of Fire

Flying through rings that propel players like rockets.

  • The Burning Eye (DLC)

A much more challenging Ring of Fire course.

  • Delivery

Using a special bike, players must tow a bomb as far as possible without hitting bumps that will set that sucker off.

  • The 2nd Package (DLC)

A different course for the Delivery mini-game.

  • Down the Stairs

Players bail down a large staircase in order to break their rider's bones.

  • Pain! Again! (DLC)

Another bone-breaking course.

  • In Flames

You are on fire and only speed can quench it.

  • Run of Doom (DLC)

A harder fire course.

  • Target Hunt

Break as many floating targets in two minutes.

  • Paddle Wizard (DLC)

A giant pinball machine with targets just waiting to be broken.

  • Hill Climb

Climb a steep incline as far as you can.

  • Mountain Climb (DLC)

Climb an insanely steep incline as far as you can.

  • Outside the Ball

Riding outside the metal ball instead of inside.

  • Down the Mines (DLC)

An intense version of Outside the Ball

  • Infernal Pinball

Get flung by pinball flippers to reach as high a point in the level as possible.

  • Flugtag (DLC)

Fly a rocket ship as high as possible.

  • Flip Hunter

Flip your bike over and over to win.

  • Turbo Flip (DLC)

A faster, crazier version of Flip Hunter.

  • Loose Screw!

Your front tire is loose and will fall off unless you do a wheelie. Go as far as you can.

  • Extreme Torque (DLC)

A harder course for Loose Screw!

Trials HD also features a level editor, allowing the player to create and share their tracks with friends. Players can also download user created tracks, but this is limited to only those on their friends list.

Redlynx recently announced the Track Creator Challenge. This is a contest in which players are asked to create and submit their track. Prizes include cash ($5,000 for first place), tee-shirts and flags. The top 10 tracks will be used in the upcoming Big Thrills pack.

Miscellaneous Features:

  • Rider Customization
  • Unlockable bikes
  • Global rankings for each race
  • Top ranked replays


The following DLC has been released for Trials HD over XBL:

Big Pack - Released on 23rd December 2009 for 400 MS points.

  • Includes 35 new tracks
  • 12 new skill games
  • 5 new tournaments
  • 50 new track editor objects
  • Three new achievements worth 50 points

Big Thrills Pack - Released on December 1st, 2010 for 400 MS points.

  • Includes 40 new tracks from publisher Red Lynx
  • 10 new tracks from users
  • 3 new achievement worth 50 gamer score


• On September 2009, Trials HD was reported to have sold over 300,000 copies since its launch.

• According to Xbox LIVE users, Trials HD was the best XBL Arcade game of 2009. It also was the most innovative.

• The voice overs for the game are provided by Art Webb, Brandon DiCamillo and Rake Yohn who all appear in the CKY videos made famous by Bam Margera.

• There is a small Easter egg after the credits that appear to be the ramblings of a crazy developer.

Unlockable Gamer Pictures

There are two unlockable gamer pictures in Trials HD.

RequirementGamer Picture
Getting the "Full Throttle" achievement will earn you the gamer picture of with the guy riding with no hands.
Beating all the extreme tracks will earn you the gamer pic with the devil who has handlebars for horns.