echoshift is the sequel to the mind-bending puzzle game echochrome.


echoshift takes the same idea of a very sparse layout, and a few simple concepts that echochrome did. This time, however, instead of using perspective and camera manipulation, the game uses colors and time manipulation to engage the player.


echoshift is slated to debut with roughly 45 levels spread over 9 differently themed worlds. There are expected to be about 30 different types of puzzles, revolving around the concepts of color coding and time manipulation. From gameplay videos released at E3 2009, the time mechanic appears to only work in one direction; you play a level up to a certain point, and then trigger a replay up to that point. There is currently no indication that time will run backwards, or change behavior in different levels.


It has been stated that there will be extra levels made available to download through the PSN.