Bust-A-Move Plus!

Bust-A-Move Plus!

Taito's classic puzzle game Bust-A-Move is reborn on both the Wii (as a WiiWare title) and Xbox 360 (as an Xbox Live Arcade title).


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Bust-A-Move Plus! (known in Japan as Puzzle Bobble Wii and in Europe as Puzzle Bobble Plus!) is a tile-matching puzzle game developed by Taito and published digitally by both Taito (in Japan) and Square Enix (overseas) for the Wii in Japan (on April 7, 2009), North America (on June 26, 2009), and Europe (on July 6, 2009).

Similar to Taito's other "Plus!" WiiWare games (Bubble Bobble Plus! and Arkanoid Plus!), Bust-A-Move Plus! features the classic gameplay and style of the earlier entries in the long-running Bust-A-Move series. Along with a standard puzzle mode (with 135 levels), the game includes a Versus mode and two DLC extra packs (each including levels from earlier games in the series).

It was later ported to the Xbox 360 (as an Xbox Live Arcade title) on September 30, 2009 as Bust-A-Move Live! (known in both Japan and Europe as Puzzle Bobble Live!), adding online multiplayer support via Xbox Live.

As of January 30, 2019, the Wii version of the game can no longer be acquired due to the closure of the Wii Shop Channel.


The objective of the game is to remove all the bubbles off a stage. Do not let the bubbles go underneath the line.

Types of Bubbles

Normal Bubbles: There are no special qualities on what these bubbles can do. Just pop 3 or more bubbles of the same color to free the characters that are inside.

Star Bubbles: Shoot this special star bubble at a normal bubble to cause all the bubbles that are alike in color to pop! However, if you shoot it at another star bubble, it will have no effect whatsoever.

Rainbow Bubbles: If you happen to pop a normal bubble that is touching a rainbow bubble, the rainbow bubble will turn into the color of the bubble that just popped. However, if you shoot it at another rainbow bubble, you will not get any results.

Metal Bubbles: This very special and mighty bubble eliminates any bubbles that are in its way. Sadly, it pops when it touches ceilings and blocks.

Fire Bubbles: This bubble explodes when it comes in range of a normal bubble, which also destroys everything surrounding it.

Types of Blocks

Hinder Blocks: These blocks are a nuisance because they can be wedged in between other bubbles, and the way to free of them is by simply making them drop. The good thing though is that you don’t have to clear all the hinder blocks to clear a stage. These bubbles will just drop and the stage will not end if touches beneath the line.

Support Blocks: These are the blocks that grasp bubbles, and the only way to get rid of them is to eliminate all the bubbles surrounding it. If the support block touches beneath the line, the stage will end.

Extra Packs

There are 2 additional level packs containing 135 classic levels each. Each pack costs 200 Nintendo Points, and takes 1 block of memory. One of the packs includes stages from the 1995's Bust-A-Move 2, and the other pack has selected levels from Bust-A-Move 3 and Super Bust-A-Move.