100 Bullets

100 Bullets

A third-person shooter based on Vertigo's 100 Bullets comic book. It was canceled when the developer, Acclaim, went bankrupt, and later attempts to revive the project never came to fruition.

This game is canceled, and should not have a release date or be attached to any concept, object, location, or character except the Canceled Games page. See the page for details.


Slated for release in 2004, 100 Bullets was an action game in development by Acclaim. The game had a film noir style that was often compared to the Max Payne franchise. However, Acclaim went bankrupt and the game was canceled.


In a press statement released by Japanese publishing company D3 Publisher, the game was set to make a comeback sometime in 2009. However, nothing came of this, or later rumors that the game would resurface.