7 Blades

7 Blades

7 Blades is an Action-Adventure game created by Konami.


7 Blades is a samurai-themed action video game, loosely based upon a true story. It was first released exclusively in Japan on December 21, 2000.

Plot Summary

7 Blades is set in feudal Japan on a man-made island called Dejima. The main character is Gokurakumaru, an incredibly violent mercenary with a checkered past. Gokurakumaru travels the land of Dejima with Oyuri, who disdains the use of swords and trusts her life to her firearms instead. Gokurakumaru also travels with Togizo, his slightly dubious sidekick. Though Togizo is not much of a sword fighter, he provides comical relief to the story and unwillingly carries the swords of Gokurakumaru's fallen enemies as trophies.