Whiplash is an intense arcade racer, pitting you against over a dozen other cars at high speed, through loops and around corkscrews as you defy gravity and the laws of physics.


Known as Fatal Racing outside of North America, Whiplash is an MS-DOS racing game that plays like a combination of Destruction Derby and Wipeout. While there are no combat power-ups (or power-ups of any sort) it is advantageous to smash the opposing cars into oblivion or knock them off course on the more devious sections of track.

The game's main focus revolves around massive physics-defying setpieces, with huge loops, corkscrews, and the occasional upside-down portion of track. Many tracks have corkscrew jumps that fire your car out spinning, and require careful alignment in order to land on your wheels and not explode on the top of the car.

Whiplash offers a two-player mode and multiplayer support, although it's limited to null-modem connections of the era. There was also a 3Dfx version released with the first iteration of Voodoo cards that allowed significantly improved graphics from the default 320x200 resolution of the original.