James Bond: The Stealth Affair

James Bond: The Stealth Affair

James Bond: The Stealth Affair (Operation Stealth in Europe) is a point and click adventure game featuring a secret agent searching for a stealth plane in the middle of a jungle-island banana republic.


James Bond: The Stealth Affair, or as it is more commonly know in Europe, Operation Stealth is a point and click adventure game developed by French developer Delphine Software. It is the spiritual follow up to Future Wars (Les voyageurs du temps: la menace) using the same user interface and controls.

On the Amiga the game is most notable for having spoken lines in places using synthesized speech. This is only available if you have more than 1MB of RAM.

There is also some confusion regarding the name, as noted above. The game was released in the U.S. under the name James Bond: The Stealth Affair however it was not possible to get the James Bond license in Europe and was then renamed Operation Stealth. However it is probable assume that the game wasn’t initially intended to be released as a James Bond game since the storyline features many contradictions to the James Bond character (for instance, being employed by CIA).


The game begins in Washington where James Bond (John Glames in the European version) arrives at the CIA Headquarters. He is told that an ultra-modern aircraft has been stolen and may have been landed in Santa Paragua. Glames catches a flight to Santa Paragua and begins his search for the missing aircraft.