Roblox is a massively multiplayer online platform game, where players create, design, and play user-generated games.


First launched on September 1, 2006, Roblox refers to two different programs (Roblox Studio and Roblox Player), typically used in conjunction. Roblox Studio is the interface for Roblox's LUA-based engine, through which users create content for the game. From there, Roblox Player allows users to play content made by other users. Since launch, Roblox's engine and Roblox Studio have received a number of updates to increase most of the engine's capabilities.


Giant Bomb's offices recreated in Roblox, circa 2010
Giant Bomb's offices recreated in Roblox, circa 2010

Players begin Roblox via Roblox's official website, which is used to manage user profiles, design avatars, and explore other user's creations. From there, users enter "experiences" (formerly referred to as games,) which can host up to 700 players at a time, playing games designed by other players.

Common types of games made include 3D platformer obstacle courses (often referred to as "obby" games), idle game-esque "tycoon" games, combat games, role-play settings, and simple hang-outs where users can chat and explore a world. However, games made in Roblox can feasibly be any genre, or use any mechanic, within Roblox rules.


At launch, Roblox had no economic features. However, in 2007 Roblox was updated to introduce two currencies: freely obtainable Tickets (or "Tix"), and premium "Robux". The two currencies were used to buy cosmetic items and advertise a user's games, although Tix were limited in which cosmetic items they could purchase. In 2016, Tix were removed, making Robux the prevailing currency.

As the game's only currency, Robux are the medium through which all in-game transactions occur, whether a user is buying cosmetics from Roblox's avatar shop, paying to advertise their game, or purchasing in-game microtransactions designed by a game's creator.

Also introduced in 2007 was Builder's Club, a premium subscription system offering cosmetic items and a daily allowance of Robux, although this system was discontinued in 2019. In it's stead, a system named Roblox Premium was introduced, offering users a monthly Robux allowance, a discount on Robux purchases, the ability to trade items, and a special icon in-game.