Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

The sequel to Namco's earlier Mario Kart spin-off, adding new courses and characters to the mix while adding some new features.


Mario Kart: Arcade GP 2 is a third-person kart racer developed and released by Namco Bandai (in conjunction with Nintendo) for arcades (using GC-based Triforce hardware) on March 14, 2007.

The sequel to Mario Kart: Arcade GP, Arcade GP 2 adds four new courses (split into two Cups), two new characters (one of whom is a guest character from the Tamagotchi series), the return of multiple difficulties/engine levels, optional race commentary, and a new collectible (Mario Coins, which unlock bonus karts, special photo borders, and special items).


The game includes 13 playable characters, two of whom are new additions (Waluigi and Mametchi).

Like the game's predecessor, each character has their own stats (acceleration, body weight, and maximum speed). Lighter characters sacrifice their speed for improved handling, and vice versa for heavier characters.

Unlike the previous game, players can unlock an alternate themed kart ("original kart") for each of the playable characters, sacrificing some acceleration for a higher maximum speed.

Light (Better Acceleration)

Light (Better Speed)




The game includes 16 courses (4 of which are new), split into eight Cups. Each Cup requires racing through both courses twice (with the second race having minor differences, such as weather) to complete. Each course can optionally be raced in reverse via versus mode.

New Additions

Yoshi Cup (Easy)

  • Yoshi Park 1
  • Yoshi Park 2

Bonus Challenge: Collect 75 coins.

Waluigi Cup (Normal)

  • Arena Stadium
  • Waluigi Stadium

Bonus Challenge: Use speed (and a Mushroom) to make far jumps.

Returning Courses

Mario Cup (Easy)

  • Mario Highway
  • Mario Beach

Bonus Challenge: Lead a giant watermelon to the goal.

DK Cup (Normal)

  • DK Jungle
  • Bananan Ruins

Bonus Challenge: Knock 15 Koopas using the Hammer.

Wario Cup (Normal)

  • Diamond City
  • Snow Panic

Bonus Challenge: While driving backwards, reach the goal.

Pac-Man Cup (Master)

  • Pac Mountain
  • Pac Labyrinth

Bonus Challenge: Jump to evade the Ghosts' beam.

Bowser Cup (Master)

  • Bowser's Castle
  • Castle Wall

Bonus Challenge: While remaining still, destroy supports holding Bowser (or Mecha-Bowser) up with missiles while jumping to evade his fireballs.

Rainbow Cup (Master)

Unlocked if the player has completed the first five Cups in Grand Prix mode.

  • Rainbow Coaster
  • Rainbow Downhill

Bonus Challenge: Reach the goal before Robo Mario.