Xiaolin Showdown

Xiaolin Showdown

Get all the Shen Gong Wu as your favorite Xiaolin Showdown characters based on the Kids WB Cartoon of the same name!


Xiaolin Showdown mimics the idea of the cartoon alternating between beat-em-up levels and arena fighting/party mini-games to finish the level. Any of the fighters from the show can be chosen to be the player's character. The goal is to collect the artifacts that makeup Shen Gong Wu.



Move NameButtons
Lotus Palm StrikeSquare
Swirling Dragon KickSquare, Square
Sweeping Dragon StrikeSquare, Triangle
Dancing Dragon KickSquare, Square, Square
Flying Dragon AttackSquare, Square, Triangle
Dancing Twin SpinSquare, Triangle, Square
Rising Dragon KickSquare, Triangle, Triangle


Move NameButtons
Street Urchin StrikeSquare
Flying Hammer KickSquare, Square
Stingray's Tail KickSquare, Triangle
Brazilian Cross KickSquare, Square, Square
Half Moon Spin KickSquare, Square, Triangle
Seven Storms CartwheelSquare, Triangle, Square
Flipping Stingray StrikeSquare, Triangle, Triangle


Move NameButtons
Petite Allegro KickSquare
Snow Crane SlapSquare, Square
Flying ScissorsSquare, Triangle
Grande Allegro PirouetteSquare, Square, Square
Pelican OtoshiSquare, Square, Triangle
Judolette Wheel KickSquare, Triangle, Square
Storm of the SparrowsSquare, Triangle, Triangle


Move NameButtons
Belly BusterSquare
Sweeping LotusSquare, Square
Sling the Rice BagsSquare, Triangle
Rising Horn of the BullSquare, Square, Square
Return to the MountainSquare, Square, Triangle
Mountain Storm StrikeSquare, Triangle, Square
Repulse the HyenaSquare, Triangle, Triangle

Jack Spicer

Move NameButtons
Sissy Punch 2.0Square
Re-Boot to the HeadSquare, Square
Upgrade UppercutSquare, Triangle
Rising Prop ChopSquare, Square, Square
Flip-Floppy DriveSquare, Square, Triangle
Major MalfunctionSquare, Triangle, Square
Chaos CopterSquare, Triangle, Triangle

Chase Young

Move NameButtons
Snake Fist StrikeSquare
Cobra's FangSquare, Square
Coiling SerpentSquare, Triangle
Black Mamba AttackSquare, Square, Square
Spinning Serpent FurySquare, Square, Triangle
Charging Lizard LeapSquare, Triangle, Square
Lurking Lizard StrikeSquare, Triangle, Triangle