Magic Ball

Magic Ball

Magic Ball has been renamed MagicOrbz. MagicOrbz/Magic Ball is a Breakout-style game released on PSN where instead of destroying bricks you break everything.

MagicOrbz/Magic Ball is a stylized 3D breakout style game with physics simulations. Following two distinct visual themes, Pirates and Knights, Magic Ball follows conventions of other games in this genre, with random power-ups falling from pieces of the level that are broken up by the magic ball.

Initially released with 48 levels including bonus levels, scheduled download-able content will be released at a later time. The add-on also provides a custom soundtrack feature that allows players to play their own music tracks while playing.

Featuring single player, competitive multi-player and cooperative multi-player modes. Multiplayer modes have both local and on-line modes.


The game comes with 2 different worlds which are:


These levels are usually decorated with Sharks,pirates,Palm trees and chimps doing cartoonish scenes.


As the name implies there are knights but along with that there are also forts,princesses,horses and a lot of trees scattered through out these 24 levels.

Power-ups and power-downs


Longer ArmThis power-up makes the arm longer.
MagnetThis power-up makes the balls stick to the arm and you shoot whenever you press X.
Normal BallThis power-up reverts the ball back to normal
Bigger BallThis power-up makes the ball more powerful and easier to hit.
BombThis power-up makes the ball explosive.
Iron BallThis power-up makes the ball smash through everything without bouncing.
Multi-ballSplits the ball up into 3.
WallCreates a wall to protect you for one miss.
Slow DownSlows downs the speed of the ball.
Bonus PointsGives you a random amount of points.
RandomGives you a random power-up.
Extra LifeGives you an extra life.
Level CompleteYou can complete a level by destroying everything or by picking this up when you have
3 or less objects left in the stage


ShrinkageShrinks the arm.
Small BallMakes the ball weaker and harder to hit.
Crazy BallMakes the ball move in a random direction
Speed UpMakes the ball speed up, making it harder to hit.
Killer SkullYou instantly lose a life


A type of power-up that shoots whenever you press X

Machine GunShoots bullets like a machine gun.
CannonShoots cannon balls
LaserInstantly vaporizes everything in its path
BazookaShoots a straight missile that explodes whenever it makes contact.

Weather Effects

A power-up that effects the stage

Column HeadColumn Head
Night timeMakes the stage dark and slightly harder to see.
EarthquakeMakes the stage shake and objects fall over.
LightningHits certain objects and destroys them instantly.
WindBlows the ball and all objects to the right.