Guide the Rolandos through the world using the built in accelerometer and touch screen controls.


In each stage you need to help a number of Rolandos roll and jump to the exit gate.  You can select Rolandos by touching them or touching and dragging a box around several.  You roll selected Rolandos from side-to-side by tilting your iPhone left and right and sometimes turning it completely over.  Selected Rolandos can jump by swiping your finger up against the screen (anywhere on the screen).  There are some Rolandos that you cannot directly control that you must move by using the Rolandos that you can control.  Sometimes in the environment there are yellow platforms that you can move with your finger.  Some of these platforms move and some simply rotate.

There are three prize medals for finishing a level.  One is for simply completing the level without losing too many Rolandos.  One is for finishing the level before the timer runs out.  And the other is for collecting all of the diamonds that are hovering around the level.


  • Regular Rolando - These are the basic Rolandos that can simply roll across the ground and jump.
  • Spike Rolando - These Rolandos can cling to certain walls and surfaces while rolling.  They can also jump.
  • Rolando Prince - This Rolando rolls back and forth as it bumps things.  It is helpful to have a regular or spike Rolando on either side of the prince to keep him from rolling into a trap, off a cliff, or away.  You cannot directly control this Rolando.
  • Rolando King -  This very large Rolando is asleep and must be moved via other Rolandos.  You cannot directly control this Rolando.