Return to Mysterious Island II

Return to Mysterious Island II

The second in a series of adventure games based on Jules' Verne's classic novel " The Mysterious Island".


Return to Mysterious Island
2 picks up directly where the first game left off, Mina is escaping the Island with her faithful monkey pal Jep. However, when the game starts, instead of escaping, the helicopter crashes and both Mina and Jep are stuck on the Island once again.

The energy shields that were surrounding the island are still down, but all of the plant and animal life begins to decay. Upon finding the ruins of an unknown civilization, she learns that the cause of the decay is pollution from the outside world.  Mina knows what she must do... turn the shields back on.  However, if she does, she will give up all hope of ever escaping the island, and returning to civilization.


In the first game, you controled Mina and Jep was only used as a tool in your inventory. Now, you'll be able to play as Jep as well as Mina, switching between characters throughout the game.  Each character will have special abilities, for instance, Jep will be able to climb trees and access areas Mina can't get to, find items with his sense of smell, or communicate with other monkeys, while Mina will be able to use complex tools, combine items, or read various documents throughout the game.