Goin' Downtown

Goin' Downtown

An explosion outside 21st century New York cop Jake McCorly's apartment sets up a larger mystery in this scifi, cel-shaded adventure game.


Goin' Downtown is a classic third person point and click adventure game developed by German developer Silver Style. It features a detailed, cel-shaded scifi setting but is quite shorter than modern adventure games.


21st century New York cop Jake McCorly used to be one of the city's finest until the love of his life dies. Now he lives in a small tin can of an apartment and medicates his pain away and barely survives in a world where cops are paid by the closed case. Prostitutes are disappearing but with the police only caring about rich tax payers, the cases remain untouched.

Until an explosion outside his apartment leads to a chance encounter with an injured prostitute named Rose. After mysteriously committing suicide by jumping out of Jake's apartment window, Jake will risk it all to find out why.

English Release

Three years after its release in Germany a English version of the game is now available for download by Kalypso Media (which had purchased the original publisher after it went bankrupt). The voice over remains in German, but all text is translated into English, and English subtitles are available by default (with the German voice over muted).