A commercial total conversion of Doom 2. A failure on the market, but a landmark release for modders, it helped launch the careers of several artists and level designers.


Running on id Software's id Tech 1, HacX is a first-person shooter set in the future. The game plays much like other id Tech 1 games such as Doom, Heretic or Hexen, but was unfortunately rushed out the door before the release of Quake in 1997. It's also a rare licensed reverse-engineered commercial mod - HacX's developers, Banjo Software, reportedly paid id Software $5,000 for permission to release the game. 
Two of its developers now hold high-profile game industry jobs. Iikka "Fingers" Keränen works for Valve, with credits on HL2: Ep 1 & 2 and Portal, and Kenneth Scott became an art director for ION Storm and id Software before moving to Microsoft Game Studio in August 2008. 

Free to Play

The full version of HacX can be downloaded for free from the creators' website.