Bejeweled Twist

Bejeweled Twist

A spin-off of PopCap's signature match-three game Bejeweled, with concepts similar to Microsoft's Hexic series.


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Bejeweled Twist is a tile-matching puzzle game developed and published by PopCap Games for the PC on October 27, 2008, with a limited browser version released on November 30, 2009.

A spin-off of the Bejeweled series, Bejeweled Twist changes the puzzle series' original formula by having players rotate a 2×2 group of gems clockwise (similar to the game Hexic). As players can now freely arrange the board, the game includes Bomb Gems that end the game if they are not cleared within a certain amount of turns. The game's concept was later built upon with the "Twist" mode in the Xbox 360 game Bejeweled Blitz Live.

Along with ports to some Java-based mobile devices (including the Zeebo), it later received a handheld port to the Nintendo DS (by Griptonite Games), both as a digital DSiWare title on December 14, 2009 and as a retail release on January 29, 2010. The DSiWare version is a slimmed-down version, but includes a unique wireless multiplayer Battle mode (which is also included in the retail release, cross-compatible).

System Requirements

PC Minimum

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 8 or later
  • Processor: 1.2GHz processor
  • Memory: 256MB of RAM (512+MB recommended)
  • Graphics Card: DirectX-compatible video with 32MB of video memory
  • Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
  • Hard Drive: 250MB of free hard drive space