The Last Bounty Hunter

The Last Bounty Hunter

A successor to the Mad Dog duo of FMV light-gun games, tasking players with dealing with four dangerous outlaws as a bounty hunter in the Old West.


The Last Bounty Hunter is a historical-fantasy full-motion video light-gun shooter developed and released by American Laser Games for arcades (using Amiga-based ALG hardware) in North America in 1994.

One of the last games released for their LaserDisc-based ALG platform, The Last Bounty Hunter is a spiritual successor to Mad Dog McCree and Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold, keeping its theme of the Old West. Much of the gameplay is the same, including its use of random scenes and the "showdown" mechanic.

Players control a famous bounty hunter tasked by U.S. Army General Clinton Briggs with dealing with four outlaws (Handsome Harry, Nasty Dan, El Loco, and the Cactus Kid). Players can tackle each outlaw in any order, and can apprehend them through disarmament instead of killing them outright. Along with extra points, capturing outlaws can extend the game's final sequence (with them attempting to kill or bribe the player).

The game later received ports for MS-DOS PCs in 1994, the 3DO, in 1995, and the CD-i in 1996. These ports vary in video quality and support not only compatible light-guns, but also controllers and mouse inputs (some of which use a separate button for reloading). It later received a DVD-Video game release by Digital Leisure on June 12, 2003, using higher-definition video and simplistic controls (which has players moving the cursor in larger chunks with a standard DVD remote). It was also included in the Wii compilation Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack and received a digital PlayStation 3 release on July 30, 2013 with updated UI and gameplay effects.

The game was also included in the 2002 Global VR PC-based arcade cabinet Six Gun Select, along with Fast Draw Showdown and, in later revisions, both Mad Dog games.