Art Style: ROTOHEX

Art Style: ROTOHEX

Artstyle: ROTOHEX continues with the simplistic, yet original theme of the previous two Artstyle games, blending color, sound, and intuitive gameplay to form an addictive, hexagonal puzzler.


Artstyle: Rotohex is a Nintendo Wiiware puzzler released on October 27th, 2008 for 600 points. Being the 3rd game in the series to come to Wiiware, Rotohex continues the Artstyle theme with a simplistic presentation and addictive gameplay. The game controls with the Wiimote either vertically, or on its side. There is no motion or pointer functionality.

The premise of Artstyle: Rotohex is to arrange periodically falling, triangular tiles into a hexagonal shape, eliminating them from the play-field. In the game's solo mode, the player starts with two colors, light-green and orange. As the player completes more and more combinations, more colors are added to the mix, yellow, dark green, red, blue, teal, and purple. The music also changes dynamically based on how many combinations the player completed and the number of colors currently in play. In order to "level up" to the next color, the player must first complete 6 combinations of the current color. Two "bonus" triangles can also make an appearance throughout the game, either eliminating triangles or converting one color of triangle to another. If the play-field fills up, the game is over.

There are a few other modes available besides 'solo' mode. Versus mode is available right away, allowing for two players to play against each other. Making it through the first half of solo mode unlocks an endless mode, which basically eliminates the focus on color, pushing the player to combine as many hexagons as possible before the field fills up. Completing solo mode unlocks sprint mode, which starts each game with the field partially filled. The objective in this mode is simply to complete a hex with the triangles they have given you.