Rock Revolution

Rock Revolution

The DS version of music/rhythm game Rock Revolution.


Unlike its big brother on consoles Rock Revolution on the Nintendo DS uses no peripherals, the different instruments are played using only the touch screen in way that it could be compared to a mix of Ouendan and Taiko. The Ds version also has a Karaoke mode which uses the DS's build in microphone.



To play the guitar in rock revolution you strum the chords with you stylus up or down mostly and in some cases circular over a tiny guitar in the bottom screen, the way you'll have to strum is indicated by arrows falling down on the guitar, once they hit the guitar you have to strum the chords in the indicated direction.


The drumming in Rock revolution could be best compared to Taiko. On the top of the bottom screen you will see a line with coloured spots going from left to right each colour representing a different drum to hit.


the 4 strings on of a bass guitar a shown on the lower screen and arrows will travel these strings from right to left, once these arrows reach a certain point on the string you will have to strum that string in the direction the arrow pointed.


The singing in rock revolution uses the DS microphone to record your voice and depending on how closely you can mimicĀ  the pitch of the notes of the song you are singingĀ  you will be rewarded more or less points points

Song list

  • "All My Life" Foo Fighters
  • "All The Small Things" Blink-182
  • "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" Jet
  • "Bad Reputation" Joan Jett
  • "Blitzkrieg Bop" Ramones
  • "Dance, Dance" Fall Out Boy
  • "Detroit Rock City" Kiss
  • "Dirty Little Secret" All-American Rejects
  • "The End of Heartache" Killswitch Engage
  • "Heading Out to the Highway" Judas Priest
  • "Joker & the Thief" Wolfmother
  • "Paralyzer" Finger Eleven
  • "Sk8er Boi" Avril Lavigne
  • "Somebody Told Me" The Killers
  • "The Spirit of Radio" Rush
  • "Spoonman" Soundgarden
  • "We're Not Gonna Take It" Twisted Sister
  • "White Room" Cream
  • "Won't Get Fooled Again" The Who
  • "Youth Gone Wild" Skid Row