Spelunker HD

Spelunker HD

Tim Martin's Spelunker returns in a new PlayStation Network remake with a large multiplayer focus, Spelunker HD.


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In the May 1st episode of Mainichi Issho, Toro and Kuro covered Spelunker HD. They travel into cavern, meet up with the 8-bit NES version of the Spelunker character and proceed to interview him. They then go on to tease him about the many ways the HD Spelunker can be killed and show him photos which really alarms him, obviously. When each photo comes up on the screen, it's acompanied with a 'you just died' jingle from the game. 8-bit Spelunker then proceeds to get himself killed and blinks off the screen, with the original 8-bit version of the jingle playing. This whole skit is a knowing jab at the reputation of the series for being extremely difficult. Later on, a ghost turns up behind Kuro and Spelunker returns, shooting both Kuro and the ghost who both blink and disappear with the death jingle once again chiming.

Playstation Home

Items for Home are awarded as bonuses in the game. Spelunker HD also has a Playstation Home space called Cave Explorer's Square that has a lounge with seating and avatars that dispense advice and gifts to players walking about. There's also a message board and a game launch facility.

Western release

In November 2010, a Western release date was finally confirmed, and released on November 23rd.