Spy Fiction

Spy Fiction

Spy Fiction is a stealth-based video game by Sammy Studios and Sega for the PlayStation 2. The game is promoted as "stealth action inspired by genre-defining espionage classics" and gives players the ability to disguise themselves as any character in the game.


The plot involves an evil terrorist organization's (called ENIGMA) plot to wreak havoc on the world with a flesh eating virus called Lahder, and cause it to bring about World War 3. You are a member of the the fictional Special Execution Agency (S.E.A.), part of their special Phantom Unit. Your mission is to stop ENIGMA from spreading the Lahder virus. The story is told in medias res (the first level is actually the final chapter), with the actual story beginning two months prior to the game's opening.


Moriah Angeline as Sheila Crawford

Erin Ashe as Kelly Wong

Marc Biagi as Various voices

Ryan Drummond as MIchael Kwan

Lani Minella as Eve and Alice Coleman

David Mosby as Samuel Berkeley

Jon Saint John as General Douglas Lysander

Jim Vollman as Dietrich Troy and Nicklaus Nightwood

Jeffrey T. Weaver as Dr. Kaysen and Various voices

Chris Wilcox as Billy Bishop

Producer: Brian Glazebrook

Assistant Producer: Aaron Habibipour


Both the gameplay and the plot contain numerous homages to famous pieces of "spy fiction" such as the 007, Mission: Impossible and Metal Gear franchises.

  • The alert status is copied from Metal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Solid 2. Instead of an Alert, Evasion, Caution, and Normal phase, it's Danger, Search, Caution, and Safety.
  • Similar to Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, the shoulder button allows the player to view the environment in the first person.
  • Another feature from the Metal Gear Solid franchise that is present in game is optical camouflage, which renders the player practically invisible to the naked eye. This is available to the player from the very start of the game, it is activated by crouching against a wall and staying still. It can also be used in conjunction with the items that allow the player to cling to the ceiling.
  • The vault scene from the Mission: Impossible movie is homaged. Wherein the player sprays coolant over their body to avoid setting off a temperature alarm, there's lasers that must be carefully navigated through, and player can't touch the floor. Their is also a level that copies Mission: Impossible's bullet train sequence.
  • Both agents carry silenced Walther P99's. This is the same handgun that James Bond carries.
  • This is Access Games first studio title. The same developer that is best known for the game Deadly Premonition.
  • It is also the first game that Hidetaka Suehiro (better known as SWERY) directed.
  • This game marks Forrest Kaysen's first appearance. He would go on to become a recurring concept for the developer, featuring in the mystery game Deadly Premonition as well. However, it should be noted that while the two share the same name and appearance, they are in fact separate characters, and there is no known direct story link between the two games.
  • Another connection with Deadly Premonition is the character Lysander. Much like with the aforementioned Forrest Kaysen, there is a character named General Lysander in Deadly Premonition. Once again, they are different characters, despite sharing a name.