A 4x4 racing game that allows you to race, customize, and explore. You can freely explore or race in 3 zones; Alps, Alaska, and Rocky Desert.


There's 10 vehicles in the game, all of which are either trucks or all terrain vehicles of some sort. They range from 1980's Jeep Cherokee lookalikes to 2006-2008 Ford F150's, and also include some more unconventional vehicles, like the dune buggy.


There are 3 fairly large locations in the game, all of which you can free roam at any time.

  • Alpine Mountains: Forest mountains set in the middle of the Swiss Alps.
  • Rocky Desert: An Arizona/Nevada desert lookalike with very little along the main (and only) road, but a lot of off-road dangers.
  • Alaska: A snowy, mountainous area that is constantly getting a fresh coat of snow.

Race Types

There are four race types in MotorM4X.

  • Race: Your standard lap based race against other cars.
  • Trial: A time run on dangerous off-road terrain, such as rocky hills and icy slopes.
  • Pathfinder: Point A to Point B racing, no checkpoints. Reminiscent of Burnout: Paradise style race.
  • Trial: A checkpoint time run on a rally type course.

There's also been mention of a drag racing type mode, plus an uphill climb mode where your objective is to get to the top of the mountain without falling off, but they haven't been officially announced or confirmed.

Other Features

  • Damage models for all parts of the car. Sustains damage until you repair it.
  • Dynamic weather and temperature conditions.
  • Customizable cars, from paint to suspension.
  • Cars get dirty as you ride along in snow, dirt and sand.
  • Some destructible objects (e.g. signs).


The games uses large amounts of middleware, such as SpeedTree (which generates the many trees in the Alps), and OGRE, which is their graphics engine.