A WiiWare horror puzzle game involving a darkened school taken over by monsters and a young student trying to save his girlfriend.

LIT is a horror puzzler developed by WayForward Technologies. The main character is a teenager named Jake who is trying to save his girlfriend, Rachael, from terrible monsters that have infested their school. The game is focused on light and darkness, hence the name.

The game has 30 levels for you to adventure through.


Your goal in LIT is to make a lit path using different light sources from the starting point till the exit. You have a limited amount of batteries in order to do so, and if you are not careful and overuse it the fuse might blow. Adding to the challenge, you encounter corrupted members of your school who serve as boss fights.

Just like in No More Heroes, every now and then you receive cell phone calls through the speaker of the wii remote. However, in LIT these conversations may alter the ending.

If you so desire, you may switch between a top down and a third person view.


You move around using the analogue stick on the nunchuck and use the Wiimotes IR pointer to point your slingshot. You use gestures like a throwing motion to throw cherry bombs and to recharge your batteries you shake the Wiimote.

New game plus

After you beat the game you can replay it with Rachael, increasing the difficulty.